Casali Viticultori's iconic wine has received great appreciation in China, renewing the golden moment marked by the 50th anniversary of the line.

The event, co-organized by wine writer Ian D'Agata's Terroir Sense Wine Review, together with Shanghai United Media Group (the main company that oversees the three largest state-owned media in Shanghai) and TasteSpirit (China's largest media company and training on wine), it was an opportunity to bring a large team of sixty-two Made in Italy companies back to post-pandemic China.

The event was attended by visitors from all over China, although clearly the majority of the audience consisted of sommeliers, importers and Shanghai-based trade and restaurant professionals.

The Emilian company brought to the event a selection of wines - Pra di bosso amabile, Pra di Bosso Storico, 1900 Malbo Gentile, 1900 Malvasia Dolce, Cantastorie Spergola dolce, Cantastorie Lambrusco rosso dolce - where Lambrusco played a very important role . Pra di Bosso Storico was greatly appreciated by sector operators, which was the protagonist of a Masterclass as well as winner of the prestigious award.

"This recognition gives even more prestige to the happy year that our Pra di Bosso line is experiencing, thanks also to the resonance that the celebrations for the 50th anniversary (1973-2023) have brought" says Davide Frascari, President of Casali Viticultori and of the Emilia Wine group.

The history of this iconic line of the Casali Viticultori selection began with Lambrusco Secco in the 1970s together with the production of the first Classic Method of Emilia-Romagna. There is no company in the Emilia area that can boast of having bottled a line that is still on the market 50 years ago.

“The potential of this wine is enormous: we have to think of it as a new sparkling experience . Lambrusco is a low-alcohol, sparkling wine with excellent acidity, the perfect partner for modern Italian cuisine. To approach this type of cuisine you need an equally clean, fresh wine that can satisfy the palate and Lambrusco is perfectly suited to the case. Today is finally the ideal time to make all its potential known” concludes Davide Frascari.