Presented online this morning, during the 3rd and last focus of the Veneto Vitivinicolous Triptych, the official final data of the last harvest (over 14 mln / q), an event of Veneto Agriculture with the Region and Avepa. Wine exports are also in the spotlight (Veneto remains the first Italian region), international markets, which increasingly demand high quality products, online sales and in large-scale distribution (expanding).

Veneto then remains first in Italy for production and exports. The numbers arrived this morning on the occasion of the third and last 2020 focus of the Vitivinicolo Triptych, a "historic" event organized online by Veneto Agriculture with the Region and Avepa, which saw the participation of over a hundred operators.

On the occasion, the Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Federico Caner , reiterated the importance and the need to forge an ever closer relationship between agriculture, specifically the wine sector, and the tourism sector in order to enhance and increasingly promote the territory and the agri-food excellence that the Wind knows how to express. But he also asked for more collaboration between the operators in the sector, with each other and with the Region itself, which offers services to the important agricultural sector also through these initiatives which, as pointed out by the extraordinary Commissioner of Veneto Agriculture, Alberto Negro , are of strategic importance for the sector. For many years now, Negro reiterated, has constantly monitored the entire wine supply chain, from production to marketing, offering concrete training and analysis tools that are very important for success in national and international competition.

This morning, in fact, not only was the harvest discussed but also the export of Veneto wine, the wine markets , sales , in the large-scale retail trade ( GDO ) and on the online platforms in this period Covid, characterized by lockdown and limitations of every guy.

Overall, the 2020 harvest - undoubtedly very positive , in particular for red wines , in terms of both quality and quantity , as underlined by Luca Furegon of Avepa and Nicola Barasciutti of the Veneto Region - Agri-Food Department - produced 14,039 .000 quintals of grapes , a higher quantity than last year (which was 13,159 mln / q) and lower than the abundant harvest of 2018 (16,409 million / q). Of these 14 million quintals, 10 million (to be exact 9.936 million / q ) are DOC and DOCG and about 3 million / q (2.921 million / q) IGT , confirming the very high quality now achieved by the Veneto vineyard.

The lion's share, as always, was Prosecco (a result that is almost no longer news) with 4,241 million / q of grapes produced, marking a jump of 19.42% in the four-year period 2017-2020 (1.5% compared to to 2019). All the other Appellations follow at a sidereal distance: Delle Venezie that is the Pinot grigio (1.379 mln / q; 2.92% compared to last year); Conegliano-Valdobbiadene (1.005; -2.56%); Valpolicella (0.773; -14.30%); Soave (0.584; -22.51%); Garda (0.351; 15.13%); Venice (0.343; -1.11%); Asolo Prosecco (0.285; 31.54%); Bardolino (255; 2.59%); Valdadige (0.153; 7.70%), etc. We remind you that the complete list of the performances achieved in 2020 by the 21 Veneto Denominations are available, together with all the slides presented this morning (surfaces, exports, etc.) at the internet address: / final-harvest-2020-and-focus-on-the-Veneto-wine-market /

Regarding the area under vines , divided by variety, Glera (Prosecco) ranks first with over 36,000 cultivated hectares, followed by Pinot Grigio (16,147), Garganega (8,923), Corvina (7,050), Merlot (5,797) and all others.

As mentioned, if the 2020 harvest in Veneto went well, the same cannot be said for wine exports which, as Alessandra Padoan of the Statistical System UO of the Veneto Region pointed out, due to the difficulties of the current year, has seen the long and unstoppable growth that in recent years had brought our Region to the top of the world ranking of exporting countries, placing itself behind Italy, Spain and France. In practice, the export of Veneto wine, after a positive first quarter of 2020, has slowed down , confirming however the Veneto as the first Italian wine exporting region (in value: 1,574 mln / euro , double that of Piedmont and Tuscany combined).

Between lockdowns and restrictions of all kinds, the crisis for Coronaviru s has therefore also hit the wine sector hard, which, however, has found an important sales channel in large-scale distribution . Francesco Scarcelli , head of the wine and spirits segment of Coop Italia, spoke on the matter, explaining in detail why the large-scale retail trade registered a positive trend in wine sales during the pandemic. The video with Scarcelli's speech is also available at the internet address indicated above.

Also interesting was the speech by Fabrizio Gatto , buyer and consultant of important wineries operating on international markets, who recalled that today the products of too low-end are struggling more and more to establish themselves on global markets. Finding themselves in the low end of the shelf means, for producers, disqualifying their wines with heavy consequences in the long term. Some of the most important brands have totally abandoned the large-scale retail trade, focusing only on catering because it "makes fashion" but, in times of crisis like these, large-scale distribution was the only sales channel that has resisted, indeed it has seen an increase in 20%. The brands that were already present with medium-high-end labels benefited from it, perhaps placed in special showcases together with some French champagne. Gatto also asked for greater collaboration and less provincialism among the Italian production companies, dwarf in comparison with the great international wine players.

José Rallo , director of the Institute for Foreign Trade and CEO of Donnafugata, one of the most important Italian wineries, also took part in the focus of Veneto Agricoltura . On the occasion, the manager reiterated the importance of online wine sales , which have grown around the world almost exponentially in 2020. Consider that in China wine e-commerce has grown by 30% this year. . In 2021 it is estimated that the Asian country will be overtaken by the US where the average value of a bottle of wine is 28 dollars , a figure that does not need comments.

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