No to Wine-kit to produce fake Barolo on eBay

No to Wine-kit to produce fake Barolo on eBay

No to Wine-kit to produce fake Barolo on eBay

The Consortium of Protection of Barolo has rapidly guaranteed the immediate cancellation of even 15 ads on eBay in the United Kingdom, and has asked officially to be wary of the two British companies.
The wine making kit guaranteed the opportunity to produce Barolo wine on your own with a few tens euros. The Consortium of Protection of Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe and Roero enough said stop to counterfeiting and misuse of the name of the most famous Piedmont's DOCG.

In the past few months, Europe has warned large e-commerce websites breaking the EU laws against imitations and fakes that boasted of selling Prosecco, Amarone and Valpolicella with serious damage to Italian productions and obvious deceptions towards consumers, now it has happened to Barolo, sold in Wine Kit.
15 the ads for "magic" kits for the production of a "Barolo" wine have been removed from eBay in UK, and the two British producing companies have been warned for having used the name Barolo Wine for sale of the Boxes.
The Consortium of Protection of Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe and Roero made promptly remove the 15 ads.
"Control activities - Pietro Ratti, president of the Consortium, remembers - which began many years ago, are producing excellent results. Since 2009 we have made a step further by recording the brands Barolo and Barbaresco in the whole World. And now we have managed to erase some ads about kits for producing a fake Barolo, for sale in the United Kingdom. They are boxes which contain everything you need, so they promise, to make a homemade wine. They are sold at a few tens euros, some even up to 50 ? the one". Ratti explains: "The Consortium intends to continue with this monitoring action with seriousness to protect the name. We must not let our guard down: for example, we warned some English sites for using the name Barolo. They have changed name, but with Barolla, yes, that playing on assonance, misleads consumers".

The next step of the Consortium will be probably to require action by the Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), by the department of the British government that deals with environmental issues, farming and food. The Consortium has engaged to control the advocates of Sib, the Italian Patents Society that is based in Rome.

The Consortium of Barolo had already won a lawsuit in Brazil: "We got the cancellation of the registered name - Andrea Ferrero, director of the Consortium, said - and even a cash compensation that was used for the defense of the denomination. The costs of this monitoring are very high - the director remarks - and all at the expense of our associates, which are about 450". Since 2009, the Consortium has invested more than 300 thousand Euros. "Since this is an initiative that involves the entire industry - Ratti and Ferrero announced - the consortium is investigating the possibility to use the powers conferred by the "erga omnes purpose" to pay the fee for the controlling work even to not- associated producers". It is a few cents per bottle produced to defend an important segment of the agricultural economy of the Langhe (10 thousand hectares of vineyards and about 60 million bottles).




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No to Wine-kit to produce fake Barolo on eBay