Discovering Prosecco DOC and a selection of Romagna wines on the occasion of Riviera Romagna on the Naviglio Grande.

On 3 July 2021 the Weekend del Gusto begins at Villa Terzaghi with a focus on wine. A real immersion in the world of oenology, which you can treat yourself to pedaling from the Milan dock to Villa Terzaghi (or 25 minutes by car), to enjoy summer weekends in the sign of signature cuisine signed by the Maestro Association Martino chaired by chef Carlo Cracco.

The protagonists are the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco DOC - Official sparkling wine 2021 of Villa Terzaghi, with three exceptional brands such as Astoria , La Marca and Piera 1899 .

Alongside the world of the most popular Italian bubbles in the world, there will be a selection of Romagna wineries that will present their labels with guided tours such as: the Rebola of the Consortium Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli di Rimini, the Enio Ottaviani Winery, the Ancarani Farm, the i Muretti and Delle Selve cellars.

The wine masterclasses are free and can be booked subject to availability by writing to:

It starts on 3 and 4 July with two Masterclasses signed directly by the Prosecco DOC Protection Consortium : Saturday afternoon from 5.00 pm " Prosecco DOC Dreamland: meet the authentic Prosecco DOC and the new Prosecco DOC Rosé " ; Sunday morning from 11.30, the themed lesson " Prosecco DOC and Prosecco DOC Rosé: " Inspiration, tradition and innovation " . Following there will be guided lessons on Rebola wine to discover the Romagna Pignoletto, a fruity and velvety and versatile wine in the combinations.

The 10th and 11th July will be the weekend dedicated to La Marca, the award-winning winery of the Treviso area that will let the participants experience all the nuances of its wine in the guided tour: " The style of La Marca Prosecco DOC " . The first masterclass will be held on Saturday 10 from 17 and the second, the following Sunday from 11.30. Afterwards, the Enio Ottaviani Winery will be presented by Davide Lorenzi, winemaker of the winery.

On 17 and 18 July Villa Terzaghi will host two important producers of Prosecco DOC such as Astoria , led by the brothers Paolo and Giorgio Polegato and among the greatest representatives of the art of Prosecco, who will hold the masterclass on " I Profili del Prosecco DOC of Astoria " . For the wines of Romagna there will be Claudio Ancarani of the homonymous farm who will talk about his artisanal practices in the vineyard and in the cellar. Sunday morning at 11.30 will be the turn of the historic Piera 1899 winery with the masterclass " Piera 1899: The charm of perlage, the personality of Prosecco ." This winery, which began its activities in the Padua area, has been able to grow and expand in Friuli-Venezia Giulia thanks to the wise guidance of Piera Martellozzo, its winecreator.

The event dedicated to wine will end with the weekend of 24 and 25 July with two other masterlcasses signed by La Marca and with the presentation of two small Romagna labels led by young agricultural entrepreneurs such as Cantina i Muretti and Cantina Delle Selve .

The calendar of the Riviera Romagna sul Naviglio Grande project, in which the modules dedicated to wine are inserted, is very rich and offers the best and free opportunity to learn cooking techniques of great chefs, traditional recipes from expert hands, get to know the protagonists agriculture and sustainable catering, learn more about winepairing guided by sommeliers and have fun with the live music of the Balera dell'Ortica in the cool park of Villa Terzaghi in via San Giovanni 41 in Robecco sul Naviglio just 26 km from Milan.

Riviera Romagna is an event open to the most heterogeneous public: from families who find large spaces in nature for children to play, to professionals in the agri-food sector, to food lovers looking for gourmet experiences. The appointments will take place in the park of Villa Terzaghi, 10,000 square meters of greenery and centuries-old trees, a location that guarantees an outdoor event in nature, comfortable and in total safety. The locals from Romagna involved in the project that will be present with their chefs are: Osteria da Oreste, Santabago, Marè, Vineria del Popolo, La Ca 'de Be', Enoteca Pisacane, Yeast, Da Lucio, Fermenta, Necessaire.

It renews its partnership with the Weekend del Gusto at Villa Terzaghi LifeGate , a reference media network for sustainable development and healthy eating.

Signature cuisine, tradition, food and wine excellence, nature and music, to enjoy the newfound freedom: in July, in Robecco sul Naviglio, with the flavors of Romagna!

Villa Terzaghi is the seat of the cooking school and the didactic restaurant of the Maestro Martino Association, dedicated to the best students of the Lombardy hotel institutes, selected each year on the basis of merit-based criteria. Students participate for free in a training course in which experiences, reflections and testimonies from professionals, companies and innovators of the sector converge from which to draw ideas for the catering of the future. The main objectives of the Association are the promotion and qualification of the local food and wine offer.

Among the projects of the Maestro Martino Association: the Embassy of Taste, the Weekend del Gusto, the Panettone World Cup, the establishment of the International Panettone Center and the Polenta Academy.

The last two projects are inspired by the values of Tradition and Innovation and, from 2021, foresee workshops, seminars, exhibitions, conferences, dedicated production, research and innovation laboratories with the best technologies and tools for the preparation of polenta and panettone.

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