The competition that rewards the Wine Hospitality Manager has arrived: a crucial but often still underestimated professional figure in the wine sector.

Wine tourism is growing and with it the figure of the Wine Hospitality Manager is also advancing, who is responsible for telling and transmitting the incredible stories of the cellars and wines to thousands of consumers. A role that goes beyond hospitality and covers multifaceted tasks: the Hospitality Manager is a salesman as well as an ambassador for the company.

To make the most of this professional figure, Wine Meridian has decided to launch the "Best Wine Hospitality Manager" competition, which will reward the work of the best professionals in Italy.

The objectives of this initiative are multiple:

  • Reward those who are raising the bar in this new sector
  • Promote Italian wine tourism at a national and international level
  • Support professionals in this sector by highlighting them
  • Encourage innovation and quality in the sector

The Competition Categories

The competition is divided into several specific categories, to reward Wine Hospitality Managers who have distinguished themselves in specific areas:

  1. Seller: Rewards the Wine Hospitality Manager who stands out for his sales ability in the wine shop.
  2. Entertainer: Recognizes the Wine Hospitality Manager who excels at storytelling about the company and the wines.
  3. Disseminator: Honors the Wine Hospitality Manager who knows how to provide training, teaching wine tourists in a simple but effective way about wine production and the territory.
  4. Creative: Celebrates the Wine Hospitality Manager who knows how to create unique and original wine tourism experiences starting from a few elements.
  5. Inclusive : Rewards the Wine Hospitality Manager who is able to include teetotalers and children in wine tourism visits, creating engaging experiences for everyone.

The winners of the "Best Wine Hospitality Manager" competition will be rewarded with a certificate and dedicated communication activities.

Entries will be open until 30 September 2024 and winners will be announced in January 2025.

Participation is free. You can submit your application or nominate a Hospitality Manager from your company, or in whom you have particular trust, by writing to You will be provided with an entry form to complete.