POLI.design – Politecnico di Milano launches the international project to make Italian wine and its supply chain known throughout the world in an original way.

This is the new project by POLI.design, a higher education company of the Polytechnic of Milan, which will offer an original interpretation of the sector, given by the Strategic Design approach.

The course, divided into five days, will touch on the following themes: Sensory Design, Territory and wine culture, Sustainable Evolution - Agridesign and Innovation.

Among the most innovative aspects there is, first of all, the possibility for the students to learn and at the same time live an experience immersed in the charm of Italy. The venue chosen for the first edition, in fact, will be Castello di Meleto in the Chianti Classico, a splendid example of conservation of the Tuscan historical, artistic and landscape heritage. The first two days will lead to an understanding of wine from an organoleptic point of view through the five senses, including hearing. On the second and third day the students will delve into the themes of wine history and culture for Italy, but also into the complex world of Italian denominations. The last day will be dedicated to future challenges, first of all that of environmental sustainability.

Alternating as teachers will be Filippo Bartolotta (journalist and trainer), Aldo Fiordelli (journalist and trainer), Paolo Scarpellini (journalist and musicologist), Costantino Gabardi (strategic consultant), Valentino Ciarla (oenologist), Michele Contartese (director of Castello di Meleto ), Fabio Piccoli and Lavinia Furlani (Wine Meridian) and Mattia Calesso (Giotto Consulting).

The role of Scientific Director will be Silvia Baratta, founder of the Gheusis communication agency and trainer. << Italian wine needs a different, innovative, engaging, stimulating narrative. – He states. – The course will describe the facets of the sector in a different way, combining the creativity of design with the depth of technical content, thanks to highly trained speakers>>.

<< POLI.design, Consortium Society of the Polytechnic of Milan, first University in Italy, fourth in Europe and eighth in the world (QS Art&Design 2023) organizes and promotes this "educational experience" as an integral part of its training offer intended for such a target national as well as international. Design, during this course, will constitute the fundamental driver, capable of exploring and showing the excellence of the Italian wine heritage, thanks also to the quality of a team of experts who will accompany the participants on a unique and innovative journey.>> Says Paola Galdi, Chief International Affairs Officer POLI.design.