Amorim Wine Vision: an “out of the box” observatory
Amorim Wine Vision: an “out of the box” observatory

Amorim Wine Vision: an “out of the box” observatory

A first-rate partnership between Amorim Cork and Wine Meridian, an observatory dedicated to high-profile professionals to reveal intuitions and open new glimpses of current events in the wine sector.

Amorim Cork and Wine Meridian in synergy and partnership to share know-how, experiences, case studies, professionalism, networks and provide original points of view, concrete ideas, anticipatory perceptions and brilliant perspectives.

Amorim Cork represents a worldwide excellence in the production of cork stoppers, Wine Meridian is one of the most influential newspapers in the wine sector. But what unites these two realities , apparently so distant from each other?

The avant-garde vision, the ability to go out of the way , the will to shuffle the cards while keeping one's foundations firmly in place.

A path that arises from this original confrontation, from the symbiosis of two different worlds linked by common inspirations and vocations.

From this meeting "Amorim Wine Vision" was born, a network of thought on technical and current issues at the center of which the visions of entrepreneurs and managers emerge, the real protagonists of the project.

Wine Meridian in partnership with Amorim Cork will dedicate a column to this project, an observatory that will focus on interviews, analyzes and opinions of professionals in the wine sector with a particular focus on direct, concrete experiences and the internal dimension of companies.

"An initiative" underline the President of Wine Meridian, Lavinia Furlani and the Director Fabio Piccoli "that arises from the awareness that the direct account of experiences in the field continues to represent the best way to understand the current dynamics and future prospects of the wine sector ".

Twelve Interviews with top professionals, capable of revealing intuitions and opening unpublished glimpses of current events in the sector. Twelve insights that, on a monthly basis, will enrich the online pages of Wine Meridian.

Testimonies far from commercial needs that start from a clear assumption, as Carl points out




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Amorim Wine Vision: an “out of the box” observatory