President of Masi Agricola, Sandro Boscaini, who received the A life for wine award that Doctor Wine assigns each year to the most deserving wines, wineries, people and wine projects.

In the photo, Mister Amarone shows the award, just received by Daniele Cernilli, creator and director of Doctor Wine, which establishes the role and commitment of President Boscaini and his family, at the helm of Masi for seven generations, in producing wines of absolute excellence universally recognized and iconic such as Amarone Costasera or the original Campofiorin.


Over the years, Masi has been able to enhance the Made in Italy of wine at an international level, thanks also to projects such as Masi Wine Experience , which enhances the territory and its products, and through the Technical Group, which carries out research and experimentation at the service of native grapes. delle Venezie, innovation of ancestral techniques and respect and sustainability of the environment: all values that are part of the DNA of the Masi Group.


In thanking Boscaini for the recognition he underlined how Doctor Wine represents the first event of the season and added "I applaud the wisdom and elegance of Cernilli, who calls for a common effort the other initiatives that will come, such as Milan Wine Week, Wine2Wine by Vinitaly and Vini dell'Etna. The indifferent nature of the pandemic - he continued - gives us its fruits every year. It is up to us of wine to tell the world about them together with the many originalities of the territories and the men who produce them. is today interrupted by the virus and the restrictions necessary to contain it, the commitment and new means to recover it leads us back to that pioneering spirit that created international Italian wine and saw myself, like Cernilli, protagonists forty years ago. "