FOR THE MERCHANT - WHOLESALER OR DISTRIBUTOR (buys from its suppliers, applies its markup and sells to bars, hotels, pubs, restaurants, small commercial chains).

A) The Merchant sells TOT references, defines the retail price and collects 100% of the retail price. Products sold in month N are paid for by the 15th of month N 1 (30 days average). He has access to his dashboard where he can view the main KPIs: sales, set prices etc.

B) The Merchant pays a monthly fee for in-store, click & collect immediate, immediate home delivery services.

Sales, even online ones, are made exclusively in the user base of the point of sale and therefore do not enter into competition with any B2C e-commerce of the Merchant

C) If the Merchant participates in the model with 30/50 products, we can define a cost of € 1,000 as a one-off contribution and a service cost of € 1 per day or alternatively € 0.75 per day 7.50% of turnover.

C1) If the Merchant participates with over 100 products, we define a contribution and an ad hoc fee according to the objectives that are defined together.

For the manufacturer the ideal solution in the first phase is option C in the attached PDF there is evidence of the advantage.

THE MANUFACTURER PAYS A FEE OF 500 EURO ONE LOT for communication and marketing campaign costs.

The 'Al Volo' store is open 7 days a week from 8.00 to 22.00. During this time slot it is possible to purchase in-store or receive immediate home delivery. The 24/7 shop allows the purchase of essential products with automatic dispensing. It is possible to buy from the APP and request home delivery which takes place within 10-20 minutes, or request the click and collect or, again, buy in the store from totems (such as at McDonalds) pay with cards or cash and receive purchases within 3 minutes of payment. In the Pavia store there are no less than 1,500 references: 6-700 FMCG, 300-400 Specialty food, 500 wines and spirits. The format allows cross purchases, allowing those who buy FMCG products to also have a Specialty Food and wine shop range available and those who buy in a wine shop to complete their shopping with food and non-food products.

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