The only company to win recognition in the Tuscany Food Awards 2022 "Oil" category is Querciamatta, located in Monsummano Terme in the province of Pistoia, with its two IGP Tuscan Organic and 100% Italian Organic labels, tasted and evaluated by the jury of experts .

The initiative aims at enhancing small and medium-sized Italian enterprises in the food sector. The categories to which the prize is awarded annually are eleven: artisan bakeries, artisan pasta factories, wineries, oil mills, dairies, artisan pastry shops, liqueur factories and distilleries, breweries, canning laboratories, salami and ham factories, producers of regional specialties.

For Querciamatta this is a further recognition that enhances the work that the farm has managed to carry out in a few years since it was founded in 2018 and began its activities. Many awards obtained in the oil sector in Italy, for example, the Gemma Maestrod'Olio from the guide "10 years of oil lands"; The GOLDEN LION where the company was included in the top 7 "Best Small Italian Producers 2022". In the international arena, victories have come from competitions in London, Dubai, Japan and the prestigious Amsterdam IOOC International Olive Oil Competitions where Querciamatta was awarded platinum and gold for the best products.

The estate currently has 2 thousand olive trees and 5 hectares of vineyards for a total production of 20 quintals of oil and red and rosé wine. Querciamatta has managed to implement a real revolution thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and farsightedness of the founders Gianni Acciai and Susanna Peruzzi . The start, after the redevelopment of an area that had been abandoned for 20 years, coincided with the production of oil and, subsequently, it was the turn of rosé and red wines, with the first bottles put on the market in 2021. Querciamatta is not only oil and wine, but also events and experiences. Throughout the year, in fact, it is possible to book guided tours of the estate with tasting of the farm's wines and oils. Querciamatta also means food and socializing with the innovative Dinner D' É lite , live cooking dinners with gourmet chefs who create refined dishes paired with Querciamatta products. Without forgetting glamHour , the dinner-aperitif with dishes prepared by a chef, all accompanied by live music or a DJ Set. The appointment is weekly and takes place between spring and summer.