Develop a new mindset. The innovative course dedicated to the world of wine, organized by, a consortium company of the Milan Polytechnic, is being presented at the fair.

Robin Williams in Poets Society suggests seeing reality from a different perspective to fully understand it. Design Thinking is a bit like this but without going to the desks: it is an alternative, creative, empathetic and timely approach to solving problems. For the first time, Design Thinking will be applied to the world of wine thanks to the course "Designing the future of wine: solutions for changing scenarios", organized by, a consortium company of the Milan Polytechnic, which will start in June 2023.

Thanks to the collaboration with Veronafiere, the course will be presented at Vinitaly on Sunday 2 April at 4.15 pm in Sala Puccini with a meeting open to all. The expression "Design Thinking" may seem cryptic but if you think that this was the method with which Steve Jobs gave life to the most innovative inventions, everything becomes clearer. In fact, Design Thinking starts from the ability to put yourself in the customer's/consumer's shoes and find creative solutions quickly and concretely.

A creativity that is often lacking in the very traditional wine sector, which nonetheless welcomed this project with great interest. In fact, the sponsors of the course are UIV (Unione Italiana Vini), AGIVI (Italian Association of Young Italian Wine Entrepreneurs), ONAV (National Organization of Wine Tasters), the National Association of Women of Wine and Divinea, as well as Associazione Cometa, a third sector company .

Luca Fois, scientific director of the course, Silvia Baratta, technical director of the course, Lamberto Frescobaldi, President of Unione Italiana Vini, Vito Intini, ONAV President, Violante Gardini Cinelli Colombini, AGIVI President, will intervene during the presentation at Vinitaly. It will be a talk show where we will talk about changes in the sector and future prospects, opportunities for generational change and new solutions.

The course "Designing the Future of Wine: solutions for changing scenarios" is sponsored by UIV, ONAV, AGIVI, National Women of Wine Association, Veronafiere, Cometa Association and Divinea. Media partner Wine Meridian.

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