The BOX model vending machine is made up of: • 1 warehouse, which in turn is made up of several floors (the number of floors varies depending on the customer's request, it can reach a maximum of 5 floors) • 10 lanes per floor (length 1500mm - width 2500mm) • N. 1 product dispensing console and various payments • N. 1 control panel

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Lane layout

Each lane is made up of a chain sliding on polizene, into which pallets are inserted for transporting the products.

Robotic arm

The function of the arm, in addition to transporting the package towards the picking compartment, is to activate the lanes via a pin which fits onto a female hexagon located on each lane; turning clockwise, it will mechanically set the lane in motion, favoring the advancement of the package towards the transport placed on the robotic arm.

The robotic arm is made up of 2 x and y axes plus picking transfers :

  1. Axis X - Scroll on Rice Rice Scheme Guides, Motorization by closed ring chain, reading for axis positioning by encoder
  2. Y axis – sliding on recirculating ball guides, motorization by closed loop chain, reading for axis positioning by encoder

The two axes are operated by inverters, which, through the encoders, allow interpolation of the axes to speed up picking and unloading by the conveyor

The distributor is made up of the following components:

  • INDUSTRIAL PC which allows the exchange of data with the "basic" warehouse management system, this functionality provides the machine with the technological and compliance requirements required by INDUSTRY 4.0

Innovative Technology model, hopper change giver


Spectral model


Wi-Fi Bluetooth SIM payment terminal with e-money account, IBAN and RIB editing and a professional bank card.

No more traditional bank account for your business: transactions are credited to the e-money account immediately after the transaction. You can collect accepted payments and make SEPA/SWIFT transfers to any bank account worldwide, wherever you are.

The E-Money account (with IBAN) is provided free of charge and consists of:

- Large 2.4 inch TFT LCD backlit keyboard - illuminated

- Bluetooth connectivity compatible with iOS, WiFi Bluetooth SIM

- Receive payment via SMS or email

It supports all the functions required by the main credit card operators and allows the management of all types of payment cards: magnetic stripe, contactless.

The myPOS Mini payment terminal is self-contained: it does not require third-party applications to perform transactions.

All e-money accounts are covered by the European E-Money Issuer License.

  • MAJOR AGE READER CRT288 (optional C)

The reader of legal age used only in case of sale of alcohol

  • INTERNAL PROTECTION BOX FOR BANKNOTE AND COIN READER WITH KEY LOCK (optional D) This safety system does not allow people to enter the vending machine, therefore becoming a valid barrier against vandalism
  • SAFETY PROTECTION Safety nets applicable on the right and left side of the robotic arm, with manual opening gate and safety limit switch

Composed of a double guillotine system, which is superimposed on the ejection belt: the robotic arm transports the packages towards the belt, finding the first open guillotine allows the introduction of the packages into the ejection compartment; the first guillotine will automatically close and the second will open, allowing the packages to exit onto the idle conveyor


The customer, using the touch screen, selects the type of product and the quantity he intends to purchase. Once the purchase amount is displayed, the customer can choose whether to pay in coins, banknotes or by credit/debit card. In the case of coins or banknotes, if the amount entered is greater than the amount due, the change giver will refund the difference

  • AUDIO SYSTEM (optional E)

Voice guidance system capable of explaining the steps necessary to proceed with the purchase


  • Transport length approximately 1480 mm
  • Width 2500 mm
  • Lane width min 50x50 max 250x220
  • Thrust speed 10 m/1'
  • Delivery time from the furthest point 15 seconds, from the closest point 10 seconds


  • Length approximately 2200 mm
  • Width approximately 2500 mm
  • Height approximately 2000 mm


NB. The machine can be composed according to the customer's needs