The 30th edition of the Golden Alembic, competition has just finished, dedicated to the wine - coloured brandy organized by Anag (National Association of brandies and other spirits) and the Chamber of Commerce of Asti.

News of the Golden Alembic Competition 2012 Anag - Grappa and Brandy tasters and the Chamber of Commerce of Asti, with the sponsorship of the National Bandy Institut have given the famous competition an innovative meaning: a new method of selection will award prizes based on the 5 categories of brandy, in each category was awarded 30% of participating products. The selections were made by ANAG expert tasters from all over Italy. The prestigious opportunity to taste the brandy awarded is the next Douja d'Or in September, this innovative choice by the organizers of the 2012 In addition, all the best Italian brandy which received a medal could sign in the label of their bottles, a numbered stamp to allow consumers to recognize the award.

The medals to the best Italian grappas of the still awarded with the Golden Alembic Anag 2012

This year, 36 medals were awarded to the best Italian grappa present in one of five categories: -14 medals for the "aged"grappa "aged" -12 medals for the "young"grappa "

- 4 medals for "young aromatic" grappa ""

- 4 To medals for "aromatic aged" grappa ""

-2 To medals for "flavored"grappa ""

GRAPPA YOUNG 4R srl, Grappa Gaudes Soft "Villa Domitia", Plurivitigno Lombardy Brandy Spa, vintaged Prosecco, Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Prosecco Historic cellar of Montù Beccaria srl, Grappa of Pinot noir, Pinot Noir 100% Distillery Gualco snc, Grappa Dolcetto d'Ovada, Pomace of Barbera d'Ovada Zanin Distillery Ltd., Grappa Bianca Noble Cavallina, Mixed Distilleries Bonollo Spa, Grappa di Brunello di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino Distilleries Peroni Maddalena, Lugana Grappa del Garda, Trebbiano del Garda Distilleries Peroni Maddalena, Monovitigno Grappa Chardonnay, Chardonnay di Franciacorta L. Psenner Gmbh-srl, Grappa South Tyrol selection, Grappa Mixed L. Psenner Gmbh-srl, Grappa of Muller Thurgau, Muller Thurgau Rossi D'Angera Distillers Ltd., Water On Angera, Nebbiolo-Chardonnay-Croatina-Barbera-Uva Rara St.Roch srl, Grappa Fumin, Fumin GRAPPA YOUNG AROMATIC Nannoni Ltd. Grappa, Grappa Heart of Moscato, Moscato di Trani Toscano + Moscato Passito Distillery Pieces snc, Grappa thirty Traminer, Gewürztraminer L. Psenner Gmbh-srl, Gewurztraminer Grappa, Gewurztraminer Targa Ilva Zita Ltd., The Native Grappa Moscato Fior d'Orange, Orange Blossom Muscat GRAPPA AGED IN WOOD 4R srl, Grappa Gaudes Gold "Villa Domitia", Plurivitigno Lombardy Old Distillery D. Sibona Spa, Grappa Riserva ing. in sherry casks, Barbera Dellavalle Distillery Ltd., Grappa aged in whiskey barrels, Barbera Distillery Dr. M. Montanaro Ltd., 1996 Grappa di Barolo, Nebbiolo from Barolo Revel Chion distillery F.lli srl, Grappa Serra reserve barrels, Various (Nebbiolo-Barbera-Erbaluce) Russian distillery F.lli snc, Grappa Sublime, Nero d'Avola Distillery Pieces snc, Gold Reserve, Plurivitigno Zanin Distillery Ltd., Barricade Aged Grappa di Amarone, Amarone L. Psenner Gmbh-srl, Grappa Barrique Sudtirol, Grappa Mixed Mazzetti d'Altavilla Ltd., Alba, Nebbiolo and Erbaluce Rossi D'Angera Distillers Ltd., reserve personnel, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto- Soc agr. Montalbera srl, Grappa Ruchè, Ruchè Torquadra Ltd., Grappa barricade Villa De Varda srl reserves trie Grappa thirty Teroldego, Pinot Blanc, Muller Thurgau GRAPPA AGED AROMATIC Old Distillery D. Sibona Spa, Grappa di Moscato, Muscat Distillery Marzadro Spa, Jars of Gewurztraminer, the Pomace Traminer Targa Ilva Zita Ltd., Orange Blossom grappa barricade, Orange Blossom Villa De Varda Ltd., Moscato Grappa Gran Riserva, Moscato 100% GRAPPA FLAVOURED Distillery Beccaris Elio Beccaris C. snc, Grappa licorice, Muscat Grapperia craft Ali snc, Grappa with lemon and sage "Lietaevitae" Piedmont

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