The well-known Abruzzo company is among the 200 Italian Great Wine Producers selected by the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator and will be present at OperaWine with its historic vision "The Wine, Art of Man" through which wine expresses itself in all its values , cultural and productive pursuing the principle that where there is vineyard there is civilization.

Zaccagnini , the well-known company from Abruzzo, is among the 200 Great Wine Producers selected by the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator , who will be present at Opera Wine 2021 the exclusive event organized by Vinitaly / Veronafiere - which this June 19 celebrates its 10th anniversary in Verona and celebrates the live restart of the relations of the international wine community. - which offers specialized operators from all over the world the opportunity to get to know the 100 best Italian wines.

Each year, the judges subject the selected Italian wines to a careful visual and taste-olfactory examination and assign each one a score based on various criteria. The excellence of Italian producers emerges from this scrutiny: wineries from all over the peninsula which, despite the difference in territory, production style and company size, are united by the very high quality of the wines produced.

To host the great tasting also for reasons of distancing, are the Mercatali Galleries, the fascinating structure of industrial archeology in front of the recently restored Verona fair.

The Zaccagnini wine selected by Wine Spectator among 100 Italian wine excellences is Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Tralcetto 2018 , a label that has become iconic in many international markets starting from the United States .

That vine trestle on the neck of the bottles , made by the women of Bolognano, the small town on the hills of Pescara where Marcello Zaccagnini's dream started, was immediately the ambassador of Abruzzo wines in the world, synonymous with quality, territory, bond, respect and pride towards the land and its origins.

Cantina Zaccagnini, founded in 1978 by Marcello Zaccagnini in Bolognano, a small Abruzzo village at the foot of the Majella, brings to Opera Wine not "only" the enological excellence made in Abruzzo but the spirit that has distinguished it since its genesis enclosed in the expression " Wine, the Art of Man " . In fact, it is the synthesis of the Vision, Mission, values and culture of the company and the entrepreneur. In fact, as early as 1984, the great German artist Joseph Beuys presented the "Defense of Nature" project right in the cellar of the Zaccagnini Winery.

There are numerous writings and dedications that Beuys left in the cellar.

Visiting the Zaccagnini Winery therefore means immersing yourself in that extraordinary combination of wine and culture. Marcello Zaccagnini , in fact, was the first Italian wine producer to understand the very strong relationship between wine and contemporary art. Today the cellar is exhibited as a permanent exhibition where art and wine coexist in perfect harmony, starting from the entrance gate that introduces the space recalling the label of Pietro Cascella.

Wine and Art that meet constantly in the Cellar but also in the vineyards.

Vineyards that represent a work of art also from the landscape point of view, touching the slopes of the majestic Maiella.

Vines cultivated with absolute rigor in terms of environmental sustainability.

Zaccagnini is active in this sense and constantly engaged in eco-sustainable practices, also leading the way in experimental projects in collaboration with research institutes : over the years pesticide treatments have been reduced by more than 50% and the health of the grapes improved thanks to the use of special technology that allows the continuous monitoring of climatic conditions and develops forecasting models for the development of plant diseases.