Italian wines Valle d'Aosta

In Valle d'Aosta, together with the white wines in the area of Morgex from Prie Blanc grapes, delicious dessert wines such as Malvasia di Nus and Moscato di Chambave are produced. Slightly more downstream we find some interesting and delicate red wines from Fumin, Pinot Nero, Petit Rouge grapes, up to the Nebbiolo di Donnas, in the best exposed plots of land on the banks of the Dora Baltea river. Vineyards follow the course of the river which favor the exposure of their slopes, the fertility and an acceptable microclimate for the ripening of the Piedmont grape variety.

That of Valle d'Aosta is considered heroic viticulture: the vines are located on sloping land on the backs of the mountains, cold and inhospitable, difficult to grow: a sign of love for the own land and of a culture rooted in man, which does not surrender to difficulties. Despite the harshness of the land and the hard work of the winemakers, the wines produced in the Valle d'Aosta region are of high quality.

Italian White Wine Valle d'Aosta


Italian Red Wine Valle d'Aosta


Italian Sparkling Wine Valle d'Aosta


Italian Wine Rosè Valle d'Aosta


Italian Dessert Wine Valle d'Aosta


Italian Natural Wine Valle d'Aosta


Italian wines Valle d'Aosta

Italian wines Aosta

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