Italian White Wine Verdiso

Description of the wine: Verdiso is a dry and lively white wine, slightly sour (remembers the flavours of green unripe apples). It is available in four types: quiet, bubbly, sparkling and raisin. The Verdiso wine enters into the composition of the Prosecco DOC and in the production of sparkling wines. Organoleptic characteristics: The Verdiso wine has straw yellow color with greenish reflections, it has a mild, thin, delicate, fine, slightly fruity aroma. In the mouth it is fresh and salty, good and pleasant acidity. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: Verdiso is a vine native of Altamarca Trevigiana and has a centuries-old history. Its cultivation had been imposed on the settlers of the Abbey of Follina in 1788. This vine gives a good amount of grapes also in different soils, thanks to its adaptability. Serving suggestions: Perfect as an aperitif accompanied by light appetizers, fish dishes, risotto with herbs, salty pies, fresh cheese and summer dishes. During the Festa dei Marroni (Chestnut Festival), it is enjoyed with local products, salami, cheese and chestnuts. Production area: Territories of Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto, Valdobbiadene, in the province of Treviso. Production techniques: The base wine is obtained with a fermentation method that do not includes any solid part of the grapes (for an almost complete disposal of the original sugars). After the winter colds, yeasts capable of fermenting at low temperatures and sugar are added. Fermentation takes place at 15°C and the exact pressure is reached two weeks later. Subsequently, a second fermentation is stopped with cold, wine spends is a period of time in autoclaves, and then is bottled. Grape varieties that are allowed to produce it: Verdiso to 100%.