Italian White Wine Veltliner

Description of the wine: The grapes of the Veltliner vines are carefully selected and meticulously worked in wineries, while aging takes place in barrels of acacia wood: all this gives the wine its particular character, its aroma and its strenght. Organoleptic characteristics: Alto Adige Valle Isarco Veltliner has yellow color tending to greenish. It has a winey and light aroma, with hints of flowers and herbs. In the mouth it is dry, fresh, fruity, savoury, right-bodied and distinctive. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: The vine would be of Austrian origin, although some scholars state it would come from Valtellina (Valteliner). We get to know the history of this variety only in the eighteenth century. Grüner Muskateller, the name by which it was once known, is the best known and most cultivated grape variety in Austria. Serving suggestions: Excellent with seafood dishes, white meats and soft cheese. It is consumed as an aperitif accompanied by light appetizers. Production area: Isarco Valley in South Tyrol. Grape varieties that are allowed to produce it: 100% Veltliner, also known as Green Veltliner, Cima Bianca or Grüner Veltliner.