Italian White Wine Soave

Description of the wine: Soave DOC is a white wine produced in the province of Verona. In the Doc Soave there are four products: Soave DOC, Soave Classico DOC, Soave Superiore DOCG and Recioto Soave DOCG. Soave Superiore DOCG Characteristics: The Soave Superiore DOCG wine has straw yellow color with greenish-gold glares, a large and characteristic aroma with floral notes, a dry and full taste, with almond flavours in the final and, in the case of aging in wood, hints of vanilla. Historical-cultural infos and curiosities: A wine of very ancient origins. Even the minister of Theodoric, Cassiodorus, wrote about it: "Beautiful whiteness is in it, and clear purity, so that you would believe born from the lilies". Serving suggestions: Main courses (rice, home-made pasta), fish and cheese (from fresh to medium-aged). It is served also with boiled lean meat and white meats. Excellent with sopressa of Verona. Production area: The Soave Superiore DOCG is produced entirely in the province of Verona: Val d'Illasi, Val d'Alpone, Val di Mezzane and Val Tramigna. The area that gives its name to Soave Classico includes the municipalities of Soave and Monteforte d'Alpone. Grape varieties that are allowed to produce it: Garganega (at least 70%), Trebbiano di Soave, Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay (for the remaining percentage). The use of the specification Classico, in addition to the DOCG Soave Superiore, is reserved for wines made from grapes harvested in the most ancient area of orgine and, to obtain the qualification Riserva, wine must be subjected to a mandatory period of aging for at least two years.