Italian White Wine Ortrugo

Organoleptic characteristics: The Ortrugo wine has light straw yellow color tending to greenish, with a delicate and characteristic aroma. In the mouth it is dry or sweet, with a bitter and quiet aftertaste. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: The territory has been inhabited since the paleolithic period by people that implemented viticulture for their sustenance, but also for economy and culture. However, the term Ortrugo referring to a grape variety appears only in 1881, in an ampeleographic bulletin. For decades its grapes were used for blending. Only in the last three decades of the twentieth century the potential of this variety and the opportunity to vinify in single-variety were realised. Serving suggestions: Great to enjoy with light and delicate dishes or as aperitif. It goes well with fish dishes and with tortelli. Production area: Territories of the province of Piacenza. Production techniques: Ortrugo is a delicate wine in the cellar, therefore, within two hours from harvesting the grapes are brought to the cellar where the temperature is lowered. The subsequent steps occur in absence of oxygen to avoid the oxidation of the must. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Ortrugo (minimum 90%). Grapes from white berry wineyards suitable for cultivation in the Emilia Romagna region are allowed in the production for a maximum of 10%.