Italian White Wine Manzoni

Description of the wine: From breedings of grape varieties tested by Luigi Manzoni, the white and red Manzoni wine are created. Organoleptic characteristics: The Manzoni white wine has a pale straw yellow color with greenish glares, a delicately scented and slightly aromatic aroma, a full-bodied and fruity taste. The red type has intense purplish red color, a scent of wild berries and soft, balanced, slightly tannic flavour. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: The grape from which the white type is produced is the result of a cross between Riesling Renano and Pinot Blanc grapes. This coupling is an idea of Luigi Manzoni, school principal of the oenological school in Conegliano in the thirties. He then crossed the vines of Glera and Cabernet Sauvignon for the vinification of Manzoni Rosso. Serving suggestions: The white type is excellent with light meals of salads, fish, boiled meats, but also with not too tasty or spicy salami. Generally is served as aperitif. The Manzoni red, instead, accompanies tastier and more important dished, especially main courses (risotto, lasagna). Production area: Province of Treviso. Grape varietiesa allowed for their production: Manzoni grape variety (minimum 85%) of white or black berry.