Italian White Wine Gewürztraminer

Description of the wine: Gewürztraminer, or Aromatic Traminer, is an aromatic white wine made from very fragrant grapes. It is much appreciated throughout Italy for its special features, but its spread is unfortunately limited because of the climate needed by the vineyards and the variability of production. Organoleptic characteristics: Its color is straw yellow with golden glares, its aroma is delicate and very aromatic. Its taste is full and intense, with the perception of fruity and flowery notes and scents of spices. Serving suggestions: This wine is great with sea food, both first courses, such as risotto, and second courses. Moreover, it is very good with starters and appetizers of salami and cheese. Production area: It is produced in the territory of the province of Bolzano in South Tyrol. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Gewürztraminer.