Italian White Wine Etna bianco

Organoleptic characteristics: Etna Bianco has a straw yellow color, with possible golden reflections. Its aroma is characteristic and delicate, its taste is dry, fresh and harmonious. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: Grape-growing in Sicily arises with the arrival of the Greeks, around the nineteenth-eighteenth century BC. Sicilian wines have come down to us followed by a reputation for quality, despite the difficulties of working in an area of steep slopes and subject to volcano eruptions, as well as the period of diseases such as phylloxera which hit the majority of Italian vineyards. In 1968 the DOC was recognized, one of the first in Italy and the first in the region of Sicily. Serving suggestions: It is excellent with dishes of fish of all kinds: from fish to cut to fried fish, to mussels. It is also excellent with white meat dishes. Production area: Territories of the province of Catania. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Carricante (minimum 60%) and Catarratto Bianco common or shiny (up to 40%). For a maximum of 15% of the total, even grapes coming from Trebbiano, Minella Bianca and other white grape varieties suitable for cultivation in the region of Sicily can contribute to the production.