Italian White Wine Erbaluce di Caluso

Characteristics: This wine has a straw yellow color, its aroma is vinous, delicate, distinctive. It has a dry, fresh and distinctive taste. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: Compared to many other Italian wines, dating back to Roman and pre-Roman times, the vine Erbaluce is quite young: we receive news of its existence only in the seventeenth century. A legend tells that the tears of Albaluce, daughter of the impossible love of the nymph Alba and the God Sun, fell on very green blades of grass, giving rise to flourishing vines from which bunches of sweet grapes came down: Erbaluce. The name of this grape variety is also attributed to the fact that with the beginning of autumn its bunches, under the sun rays, from pink become amber-colored. The Erbaluce of Caluso was recognized as DOC in 1967. Serving suggestions: This white wine is excellent with dishes based on fish from the lake and the sea, with appetizers and with main courses. Excellent also as an aperitif. Production area: The territories of thirty-two municipalities in the province of Turin, Moncrivello in the province of Vercelli and Roppolo, Viverone Zimone in the province of Biella. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Erbaluce 100%.