Italian White Wine Durello Lessini

Organoleptic characteristics: Durello has straw yellow color with greenish reflections; has a delicate, distinctive and slightly fruity aroma. In the mouth results from extrabrut to demisec. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: Traces of wine growing can be traced back to the pre-Roman and Roman times. The vine Durello has developed, in the area, excellent resistance to weather conditions and diseases. The name derives from a feature of the grape skins, hard and compact. Serving suggestions: The nature and structure of this wine mean that it can be served, as tradition of the white wines, with dishes based on fish, as an aperitif, but also with full-bodied and tasty dishes, usually associated with red wines. Production area: Territories of the municipalities in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Durella (minimum 85%). Grapes from Garganega, Pinot bianco, Chardonnay and Pinot nero varieties, alone or jointly, can contribute to the production for maximum 15%.