Italian White Wine Cortese di Gavi

Description of the wine: It is considered the king of Piedmont white wines and exists in three types: Tranquillo, Frizzante and Spumante. After ten years of aging, Gavi remains perfectly preserved, if not enhanced by the long aging. Organoleptic characteristics: The color is clear straw yellow, more or less intense. The aroma is distinctive and delicate, the taste is dry and harmonious, characterized by a good acidity, which does not affetc its interesting balance. Serving suggestions: It is generally consumed as an aperitif, with low-fat appetizers. In the tradition it accompanies the "truffle tajarin", typical of Piedmont. Production area: It is produced in ten municipalities in the province of Alessandria (Bosio, Capriata d'Orba, Carrosio, Castelletto d'Orba, Francavilla Bisio, Gavi, Novi Ligure, Parodi Ligure, San Cristoforo, Serravalle Scrivia). Grape varieties allowed for its production: It is made with Cortese grapes in single-variety vinification.