Italian White Wine Cirò Bianco

Organoleptic characteristics: White Cirò has a more or less intense straw yellow color with greenish glares. Its smell is harmonious and pleasant. Its flavour results dry, harmonious, delicate and distinctive. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: The Cirò wine comes from the wine Krimisa, from a Greek colony (which is today the town of Ciro Marina) where there was a temple dedicated to the god Bacchus. Krimisa was the wine offered to the winners of the Olympics. In the sixteenth century, this wine was the symbol of a luxuriant and economically thriving Calabria, and this imagine remains unchanged along the centuries to come. In 1968, to renew the ancient Greek traditions, the Cirò wine was served at the Olympics in Mexico City as official wine. Serving suggestions: It is served with dishes of fish, both starters and main or second courses. Excellent as an aperitif. Production area: The production of Cirò wines occurs in areas included in the territories of Cirò and Cirò Marina, and partly in the territories of the Melissa and Crucoli municipalities. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Greek White (minimum 80%). Grapes from white berry vineyards suitable for cultivation in the region of Calabria for a maximum of 20% can contribute to the production of this wine.