Italian White Wine Bianco Veronese

Description of the wine: The white wines produced in the Province of Verona are vinified from native vines (Garganega, Trebbiano di Soave) crossed with grapes of inernational vines (Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc). Soave, Lugana and Custoza, all DOC, are some of these white wines. Organoleptic characteristics: The white wines of Verona appear pale straw yellow in color, sometimes with greenish reflections, they have a distinctive aroma of fruit and flowers and in the mouth they are delicate, fruity, full, sometimes with a bitter aftertaste due to hints of almond. Historical-cultural infos and curiosities: The first evidence of grape growing in the area dates back to the lake-dwelling, but it is with the Romans that we reach a real culture and tradition of viticulture, which will last for centuries to come. Serving suggestions: Main courses (rice, home-made pasta), fish (both freshwater and saltwater fish) and cheese (from fresh to medium), boiled lean and white meat. They are are excellent also with cold cuts (sopressa Verona). The whites of Verona, generally, are excellent as an aperitif. Production area: Province of Verona. Vines that are allowed to produce it: The White Wines of Verona are produced mainly with grapes of Garganega, Trebbiano di Soave, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.