Italian Dessert Wine Sciacchetrà

Organoleptic characteristics: The Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà wine has golden yellow color with amber glares, full of liveliness. It has an intense smell of raisin wine and honey. In the mouth it is harmonious, well-structured and full-bodied, pleasant and long, with almond aftertaste. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: The origin of the name of this wine is uncertain: according to some theories it derives from the Palestinian term shekar, a term which indicated fermented beverages. According to other witnesses instead, a similar term was used for the first time by the painter Telemaco Signorini, at the end of the nineteenth century, to describe a reinforced or sciaccatras wine. Serving suggestions: Sciacchetrà is a dessert wine. Therefore, it is excellent with hard or soft desserts, with creams or dry. It is also very good with soft cheese. When the aging of this wine is more than 5 years it can be tasted as meditation wine. Production area: Territories in the province of La Spezia. Production techniques: The grapes are left to dry on racks until November protected from sunlight, so that there is a high concentration of sugars. The grapes are then pressed and the must is separated from the skins. Grape varieties allowed to produce it: Bosco (minimum 40%). To produce this wine the grapes from Albarola and Vermentino vineyards, alone or in combination, can contribute for a maximum of 40%.