Italian Dessert Wine Moscato di Scanzo

Organoleptic characteristics: Moscato di Scanzo has ruby red color, more or less intense, which may tend to cherry red with garnet glares . Its aroma is delicate, intense, persistent, characteristic. It has a sweet, pleasant, harmonious taste, with a slight almond aftertaste. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: The first written document showing the name of this wine dates back to 1347, the story of this wine is very robust, as over the centuries was traded abroad, even becoming the most expensive wine in the world, listed on the London Stock Exchange . The British have always enjoyed this wine, so much so that even today, an estate of Scanzorosciate supplies the cellars of the English Royal Family. Serving suggestions: This wine is served with typical Piedmontese sweets, dry pastries or creamy (zabaglione, whipped cream). It gives its best with dark chocolate or Sacher torte. It is also excellent with cheese. Production area: Municipality of Scanzorosciate, in the province of Bergamo. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Moscato di Scanzo 100%.