5 and 6 September, the Weekend del Gusto is back at Villa Terzaghi: the flavors of Lombardy, Sicily and Campania together. Gourmet pizza, risotto from the Ticino Park and the best artisan ice creams in Italy

The event that saw numerous protagonists of Italian cuisine of excellence reaches its climax with two days dedicated to the foods most loved by Italians: pizza, artisan ice cream and even risotto, the flagship of Lombardy.

On Saturday 5th September, chef Andrea Provenzani of the Il Liberty restaurant in Milan will interpret pizza supported by the master pizza maker Pasquale Moro, creating a new recipe that will enhance the best products of the Ticino Park Agricultural Producers Consortium.

David Fiordigiglio, chef ambassador Franciacorta, will offer a risotto with rice from the San Massimo Reserve with sour butter, red prawns and Amalfi lemon.

On Sunday 6 the chef Sara Preceruti of the Milanese restaurant Aquada will return with a new gourmet pizza recipe, while the risotto will be signed by chef Fabrizio Ferrari of the Enoteca Raiteri restaurant in Casorate Primo (PV) who will prepare a garlic, oil and chilli pepper risotto.

This weekend Villa Terzaghi will host for the first time two master pizza makers from the S.Pellegrino Pizze d'Autore battery. On September 5 Pierangelo Chifari, pizza-chef born in 1986, born and raised in Sicily in a family where love and respect for food were the basis of his education; his mission is to amaze with new and daring combinations. At Villa Terzaghi he will bring his own recipe that enhances Sicily: the base of the pizza will be made with "Petra Evolutiva" flour (a mixture of soft grains grown in Sicily totally organically) and, for the topping, Siccagno tomato sauce, yellow datterino tomatoes and baked red, sprinkled with Ragusano Dop caciocavallo, Pantelleria oregano, black pepper and Nocellara quality evo oil flavored with Nubia red garlic.

On 6 September we will have the pleasure of tasting the creation of Salvatore Lionello , Campania DOC and world champion of pizza in a pan who will bring the flavors of his region to Villa Terzaghi, with an all-Neapolitan pizza proposal.

Saturday and Sunday the Magnifici del Gelato also return, the best Italian artisans who will offer their tasty and fresh recipes. Sergio Dondoli from San Gimignano will bring the Italian Garden taste, his vision of cheesecake with basil, cherry tomato sauce, iced strawberry and crumble. Also from Tuscany Lavinia Mannucci will be with us , who from Florence will present the symbolic flavor of her ice cream shop: Chantilly cream with layered chocolate cream. Marco Venturino , on the other hand, comes from Varazze, with his award-winning Liguretto, the sorbet from Liguria, and with the Oro del Beigua, an egg cream with Ligurian saffron and walnuts. The creative couple Enzo Di Noia and Mauro Altomare , directly from Puglia, will amaze us with their Dolce Amaro taste, a variegated zabaglione with crumbled artisan nougat, crunchy chocolate and black cherry.

With this last weekend dedicated to taste, the educational and catering program of Villa Terzaghi will begin, with the reopening of the schools, and finally, after the lockdown, they will be able to restart. The project consists in the creation of a Lombard pole dedicated to academic training for signature cuisine. A cooking school with educational restaurant dedicated to the best students of Lombardy's hotel institutes who will be able to do a free training course with great chefs and understand, thanks to the support of the school's partners, how to manage a restaurant.

Villa Terzaghi is a container that collects within each dish the Italian culture, the knowledge and technique of the master chefs, the teaching and the story of an extremely rich and flourishing territory.

The Weekend del Gusto at Villa Terzaghi was inaugurated on 10 July by chef Carlo Cracco accompanied by Fortunata Barni, mayor of the Municipality of Robecco sul Naviglio.

Four weekends dedicated to two of the world's favorite foods: Pizza, the gourmet one, and Gelato, the artisanal one, made thanks to the support of excellent Italian brands such as: S.Pellegrino, Acqua Panna, Bibite Sanpellegrino and Perrier, Lavazza, Angelo Poretti Brewery, Molino Quaglia-Farina Petra, Bergner, Rosso Gargano, Facchi Farm, Terre Francescane-Gradassi, Grappa Nonino, Allegrini Estates Group, F.lli Orsero, Carpigiani Gelato University and with the Ticino Park Agricultural Producers Consortium through the farms Cirenaica, Fish Farm, San Massimo Reserve and La Clementina.

The Weekend del Gusto are also an opportunity to collect donations in favor of the Blue Cross - a section of Robecco sul Naviglio - which in recent months has significantly contributed to the fight against Covid-19.

All the activities of the Weekend del Gusto, as well as the methods of participation and access, are carefully managed to ensure the safety of the participants and compliance with the rules on social distancing.

The media partner is LifeGate , a radio active for 20 years in providing information, projects and services aimed at a network of people, businesses, NGOs and institutions that want to commit to achieving a sustainable future.

The program of the weekend 5 and 6 September 2020:

Saturday 5

17.30 opening - 23.00 closing

6.00 pm - 9.00 pm happy hour with Moretti beer, Vini Allegrini and Nonino cocktails with a selection of cold cuts and cheeses from the Ticino Park and F.lli Orsero fruit

18.00 - 19.00 showcooking Gourmet Pizza, Risotto and Artisan Gelato: chefs Andrea Provenzani, David Fiordigiglio, Pierangelo Chifari and ice cream masters Sergio Dondoli, Enzo Di Noia and Mauro Altomare

19.30 - 22.30 tasting of Gourmet Pizza, Focaccia del Parco del Ticino, Risotto and Artisan Gelato

Sunday 6

11.30 opening - 18.00 closing

12.00 showcooking: chefs Sara Preceruti, Fabrizio Ferrari, Salvatore Lionello and ice cream masters Sergio Dondoli, Lavinia Mannucci, Marco Venturino, Enzo Di Noia and Mauro Altomare

12.30 - 17.30 tasting of Gourmet Pizza, Focaccia del Parco del Ticino, Risotto and Artisan Gelato

By car

Villa Terzaghi is located in the Lombard countryside, easily reachable in 20 minutes by motorway (A4 exit Marcallo-Mesero towards Turin) and 10 minutes by state road: 30 minutes only from the heart of Milan (36 km).

By bike

Along the Naviglio Grande that leads from Milan towards the Ticino river (26 km) or from Porta Genova station take the train to Abbiategrasso with the bike in tow and then pedal along the Naviglio up to Robecco (8 km).

On 5 and 6 September there will be the last summer event dedicated to gourmet pizza signed by the chefs of the Maestro Martino Association, chaired by chef Carlo Cracco.