"Wine has always accompanied man through history. Wine is culture. Culture is a thread that goes back through history and is never interrupted, it is handed down, taken from the past and carried into the future": it is thought by Gaetana Jacono, manager of the Valle dell'Acate winery, for six generations one of the most important wineries in south-eastern Sicily, which boasts a unique naturalistic, artistic and architectural heritage in the world.

Strengthened by this heritage, Valle dell'Acate has aimed above all at the cultivation of the native vines of the territory obtaining qualitative results of great excellence thanks also to the Piedmontese oenologist Carlo Casavecchia , able to make the strings of the Sicilian vines sound best. All 80 hectares of vineyards owned by Valle dell'Acate have been definitively certified organic. Seven different lands that give uniqueness and identity to the wines, unmistakable in their purest expression. A constant action to enhance the territory, also through the responsible choice of eco-sustainability.

Respect for tradition but also innovation and contemporaneity : hence the choice to inaugurate a double project in this 2020 that has upset and transformed habits and social relations: the creation of a Wine Club and the opening of e-commerce .

The perSette Wine Club was created to share the history, projects and way of thinking about Valle dell'Acate wine and to create a community of enthusiasts in constant contact with the family. Being part of the club means having the opportunity to purchase exclusive products and services at privileged conditions and be updated and involved in all initiatives and activities: from tasting courses, to the preparation of typical recipes to combine with wines with the precious advice of Gaetana Jacono. , from visits to the cellar to reserved events in the Casa del Gelso-The house of Pairing with breathtaking trekking routes through the vineyards. All the ingredients to live a unique experience, full of taste and authenticity with "Special Christmas 2020" offers designed for Club members.

The opening of the e-commerce represents a real wine experience just a click away to discover, savor and indulge in a moment of pleasure enjoying the best of the company and its essence comfortably at home, an expression of Italian quality and excellence ( https://www.valledellacate.com/shop/).

From the CRUs , high quality, modern and sunny wines such as Bidis di Chardonnay, a powerful, intense but delicate white; the most prestigious Cerasuolo, Iri da Iri, which comes from a small vineyard cultivated in the highest part of the coast, in the plateau called "Bidine Soprano", about 200 meters above sea level. A wine of great structure and complexity; Tané , obtained from the selection of the best Nero d'Avola grapes from important harvests.

The Classics : Zagra , Il Frappato DOC Vittoria, Cerasuolo Di Vittoria DOCG Classico, Il Moro DOC Sicilia Nero d'Avola . The first finds its best expression in the three elements yellow earth, proximity to the sea and ventilation and is sapid and mineral, with a complex scent of white flowers. Frappato is a red that obtains from the characteristics of the soil complexity of aromas but also a good acidity. The famous Cerasuolo di Vittoria (70% grapes of nero d'avola and 30% grapes of frappato), red, the flagship product of Valle dell'Acate, is obtained from the vines of nero d'avola and frappato. A wine with a soft, full flavor, velvety tannin with hints of red fruits, ripe cherries and hints of spices such as vanilla, licorice and cocoa. Finally, the Moro DOC, a vineyard of about 20 years that produces a Nero d'Avola, with a good structure but where the aromas of small red fruits, blackberries, raspberries and black cherries are very strong as is the dark chocolate. Tannin of good strength and very pleasant.

Finally, for a younger audience and for those who want to drink well but with more lightness, Bellifolli is perfect, a line of brilliant wines with an original graphic design that represents the company's desire to renew itself with an eye to tradition but always looking to the future .