Muller Thurgau four days of celebration in Trentino
Muller Thurgau four days of celebration in Trentino

Muller Thurgau four days of celebration in Trentino

Among masterclasses, tastings and visits, once again this year the white grape variety, a true legend of Trentino viticulture, is at the center of the event which will attract thousands of insiders and enthusiasts to a valley to be experienced, under the banner of a slow tourism. Waiting for the announcement of the winners of the 20th Müller Thurgau International Wine Competition presented by Andrea Amadei.

All ready for the 36th exhibition dedicated to the famous vine, scheduled from 6 to 9 July in Val di Cembra

There is only one month left for the 36th edition of the Müller Thurgau: Vino di Montagna review, scheduled from 6 to 9 July in the town of Cembra and in the territory of the splendid and wild valley north of the capital, famous for its daring terraces. As always, the event is organized by the Mostra Valle di Cembra Committee thanks to the support of Trentino Marketing and the coordination of the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route as part of the promotion of the provincial wine events called #trentinowinefest .

There will be four days to be lived intensely, discovering the best expressions of an international vine created at the end of the 19th century by Prof. Hermann Müller through the cross between Riesling Renano and Madeleine Royal. A "magic" that has found in the territory and in the microclimate of the Cembra Valley the ideal conditions to unleash all its peculiarities.

It is no coincidence that alongside a vine that has become one of the standard-bearers of Trentino viticulture – the third most cultivated variety at the provincial level – the Cembra Valley is the other great protagonist of the event. With its landscape, its 700 hectares of terraced vineyards supported by over 700 km of dry stone walls which have earned the inscription in the Unesco heritage, the small valley is a destination off the beaten track, ideal for those who love rural tourism and slow rhythms.

Also this year the calendar is therefore full of technical meetings, masterclasses and tastings of local and international labels hosted in the elegant halls of Palazzo Maffei , but also initiatives and appointments that will allow the general public to get to know the area better. You are spoiled for choice: from trekking through the vineyards punctuated by inviting gastronomic stops to bike tours with stops in cellars, from moments of entertainment to dinner under the stars along the tree-lined avenue.

Also noteworthy on the agenda is the second appointment with the World Tour in 80 Müller , which after the Japanese debut in 2022 this year stops in Sri Lanka : Nicky Brian , one of the protagonists of the eleventh edition of MasterChef Italia, will combine some recipes from his family's country of origin to Müller Thurgau with a few years of life behind them, to enhance not only its quality, but also its great versatility and longevity. This cooking show with exotic flavors will be presented by Andrea Amadei , professional sommelier, Decanter radio speaker, face of the Rai1 television program "È semper noon" and editorial director of the magazine "The art of wine".

The voice of Decanter will also be entrusted with the management of one of the most awaited moments by the insiders: the awarding of the winning wines of the 20th International Competition of Müller Thurgau Wines , the prestigious contest that compares Müller Thurgau from different areas of Italy and from abroad.

And for those who don't suffer from vertigo, the possibility of admiring the perfect geometry of the Cembra Valley vineyards from above, aboard a helicopter .

Event profile

The International Exhibition Müller Thurgau: Vino di Montagna is organized by the Cembra Valley Exhibition Committee, with the support of Trentino Marketing and the coordination of the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route as part of the promotion of the provincial wine events called #trentinowinefest, as well to the collaboration of the Autonomous Province of Trento, APT Fiemme Cembra, Valle di Cembra Tourist Association, BIM dell'Adige, Valle di Cembra Community, Municipality of Cembra Lisignago, Municipality of Giovo, Municipality of Altavalle, Municipality of Segonzano, Edmund Mach Foundation, Consortium Trentino wines, Trentino Grappa Protection Institute, Cassa Rurale Val di Non - Rotaliana and Giovo, Cassa di Trento, Lavis, Mezzocorona and Valle di Cembra.

Müller Thurgau profile

Born between 1882 and 1891 from the crossing of Rhine Riesling and Madeleine Royal by the hand of prof. Hermann Müller, Müller Thurgau is a vine that ripens best in the mountains and which has found its ideal habitat in the Cembra Valley, an area sheltered by mountains and woods and characterized by porphyritic soils and strong temperature variations. From the vinification of its grapes, a white wine is obtained with a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections, a very evident aromatic component, with hints of aromatic herbs, elderberry, tropical fruit and citrus fruits. Savory, mineral, with pleasant acidity: typical characteristics of mountain wines.

Profile of the Cembra Valley

Historical rural landscape of Italy and member of the "World Alliance of terraced landscapes", it is characterized by porphyritic soils and a strong temperature range and is a national and international emblem of heroic mountain viticulture. Crossed by the Avisio stream, as well as for its wines and grappas, it is known worldwide for the presence of porphyry, defined as "red gold", and for the Pyramids of Segonzano, a natural monument resulting from the erosion of the sides of the mountains.




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Muller Thurgau four days of celebration in Trentino