On Sunday 4 October the events of MTV Puglia are back in Puglia, with the twenty-second edition of Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia.

The new edition of Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia has never been so eagerly awaited: the grapes call for harvest once again and the season of events in the cellar reopens after the long stop of the past months. The appointment in Puglia is for Sunday 4 October, to greet the end of summer and the harvest, toasting with the member producers throughout the region.

«Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia is an opportunity for us winemakers to make wine tourists experience the dynamics of the hectic life of the cellar - declares the president of MTV Puglia Maria Teresa Basile Varvaglione. - These are the most important days, in which the fruit of a year's hard work in the vineyard is harvested. The experience of visiting the cellar during the harvest days is memorable, especially for the little ones and for wine newbies, who for the first time experience this ancient charm. It is a special moment for the didactic aspect, cornerstone of the Consortium's initiatives, as you have the opportunity to attend "live" the phases that are usually described and told, in the name of the timeless motto "see what you drink!". "

To open in the area of Castel del Monte and Alta Murgia, Botromagno in Gravina (Ba) , Mirvita Opificium ArteVino Tor de 'Falchi in Minervino Murge (Bt) . In the Magna Graecia area, Cantine Lizzano will open in Lizzano and Manduria and Pliniana Wines Producers in Manduria . In Salento, Leone de Castris will open in Salice Salentino and Tenuta Corallo in Otranto .

It will be an unmissable opportunity to visit the wine territories of Puglia, enchanting scenarios so different from each other and to which the related native vines have always been inextricably linked. From the stones of the Murgia, between Nero di Troia, Bombino Nero and Bombino Bianco, to the red earth of Magna Graecia, home of Primitivo, to the sandy soils immersed in the Mediterranean scrub of Salento, cradle of Negroamaro, the wine tourist will be able to learn about wine and its production process, all in the magical climate of the harvest, when the vineyards shine with the red-golden shades of autumn.

A day of celebration to be celebrated in complete safety, thanks to the " Wine Tourism Charter at the time of Covid-19" , drawn up by the Wine Tourism Movement in collaboration with the Unione Italiana Vini. An important self-regulation tool, to ensure that member companies and participants carry out activities and events in the cellar in complete safety.

To participate, simply purchase the Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia glass goblet with glass holder from any of the participating companies, at a cost of € 5. Presenting it in the participating wineries, visitors will be entitled to a welcome tasting and a guided tour of the winery and vineyards of the company.

And to recreate the festive atmosphere that traditionally accompanies the harvest, there will be many activities and surprises conceived by the winemakers, with special tastings, markets of typical products, exclusive food and wine combinations.

To choose where to go and what to taste, the list of participating wineries and all the latest updates on the companies' programs are available on the Movement's website www.mtvpuglia.it and on the social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). And with the map of Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia in Puglia on Google Maps (http://bit.ly/CantineAperteinVendemmia20) tracing your itinerary is even easier: by selecting the single winery, opening hours, program of activities, as well as coordinates will appear to reach the company without taking the wrong road. Just connect from your tablet or smartphone to the website www.mtvpuglia.it, click on the map on the homepage and choose to open it with the Google Maps app. The more sporty winelovers will be able to reach the cellars also by bike, joining the initiative of the Brindisi / Mesagne Cycle Friends Association .

The event, which this year celebrates its twenty-second edition, is conceived and organized by the Wine Tourism Movement, and is organized in collaboration with the Tourism and Cultural Industry Department of the Puglia Region . Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia is part of a broader project program entitled "Puglia: wine culture discovery of a territory" presented by the Puglia Wine Tourism Movement Consortium under the development and cohesion fund - FSC -2014-2020 "Pact for Puglia ", a public notice for project initiatives regarding cultural activities, promoted by the Department of Tourism and Cultural Industry.




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