Here is a list of new entries in the network of Grandi Girdini Italiani: Castello Roncade (Roncade, TV), Crespi Bonsai Museum (Parabiago, MI), The Garden of Casa Pennisi (Acireale, CT), Garden of San Giuliano (Villasmundo Melilli SR),
Orto Botanico di Brera (Milan), Giardino di Villa Ottolenghi (Aqui Terme, AL), Le Vigne di Bellavista (Franciacorta, Erbusco BS) and Petra (Tuscany, San Lorenzo Alto, Suvereto LI) - Terra Moretti Group.

Yes, between Great Italian Gardens, the largest network of gardens visited in Italy there are two vineyards.
Let's see some orientrarci in this new world.

What is Horticultural Tourism?

A new trend, a new tourism sector of great value that is configured as a stimulus for economic growth in Italy, where there are stunning gardens visited unique.
From 60 to today's travelers, foreigners and Italians, are increasingly interested in the beautiful scenery
and environmental heritage is not yet fully exploited.

The horticultural tourism is one of the most defining turismi Italian for the country:
is environmental, and cultural landscape is.

What is the network Great Italian Gardens?

The question Horticultural Tourism gave birth to the network Great Italian Gardens with 83 gardens with
educational programs, as well as the gradual extension of working hours and the months of opening to the public. The
individual properties, both public and private nurseries organizzazino events and exhibitions.
The numbers are staggering: seven and a half million visitors, with 83 gardens visited in 12 Italian regions.

And Mission of

The Mission of Grandi Giardini Italiani, in fact, is to facilitate the development of gardens visited income of private and public property, through services Marketing that give visibility and promote national and
international gardens belonging to the network.

The eighty Grandi Giardini Italiani are not just a list or a route, but form a network that creates a virtuous economic cycle Great Italian Gardens is therefore a leading figure in the Cultural Tourism: a new kind of slow tourism that offers better reception and more services through the promotion of historic and contemporary gardens through membership in the network and their gradual modernization in terms of tourist accommodation.

And so the vines in the gardens?

Yes, Le Vigne di Bellavista (Franciacorta, Erbusco BS) and Petra (Tuscany, San Lorenzo High, Suvereto LI) - Terra Moretti Group.
Ufficialmetne are entering the network Great Italian Gardens.
This means new forntiere oenotourism: the vineyard is a cultural heritage landscape and everything to enhance and begin to do so.