Large Italian Gardens, the network protects and promotes some beautiful gardens to visit (in order to discover the latest two vineyards) has launched a new initiative: in September and October there will be a special itinerary to discover the countryside and vineyards in 12 Large Italian Gardens. From this fall who will visit the Large Italian Gardens will benefit of these wonderful goods and drink fine wine. "Large Gardens: Great Wines" is a journey through 12 gardens in Italy which have a close relationship with the farming world. Large Italian Gardens such as Villa Arvedi (VR) with its spectacular topiary parterre and impeccable geometry of Villa Ottolenghi (AL) we can understand by contemplating the rural atmosphere in which they are located.

In fact, knowing the territory from which it was inspired in order to understand the garden and the relationship between man and nature. From the 1rst September and throughout October 2012 in the Large Italian Gardens participating the initiative"Large Gardens: Great Wines!" will be possible to spend a special day to the discovery of gardens and vineyards, making wine tasting and visit the cellars in which the wine is produced and stored. All Gardens that adhere to "Great Gardens: Great Wines!" Offer: -Effigeranno a poster that invites you to discover the other Giardini-Vineyard, -Will provide a small free travel guide lead a journey of discovery of the rural landscape and the Great Gardens of the Great Wines of Italy. The vineyards of Bellavista Franciacorta (BS) and the vineyards of Petra (LI), the Terra Moretti Group, participating autumn Great Italian Gardens: two cellars of the most important in Italy that have made viticulture a source of recovery of derelict and artistic development of the territory. The proposed route from Great Italian Gardens includes all of Italy with: - The Garden of Villa Ottolenghi (Acqui Terme, AL) - Park Palace Malingri Bagnolo - (Bagnolo Piedmont, NC) - Villa Trissino Marzotto (Trissino, VI) - Villa Arvedi (Grezzana, VR) - Castle Roncade (Roncade, TV) - The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff (Merano, BZ) - Villa Montericco Pasolini dall'Onda (Imola, BO) - Villa La Massa (Candeli, FI) - Villa Poggio Torselli (San Casciano Val di Pesa, FI) - The Garden of San Giuliano (Villasmundo, SR) For more information on how to visit: / giardini.php