About 1 million Italian and foreign wine enthusiasts who took part in Calici di Stelle.

400 thousand bottles uncorked and more than 300 municipalities and cellars of Italy that joined.

Those dizzying numbers at San Lorenzo night on the 10th of August, Calici di Stelle 2012 has been a great success. A witness to the success of the event and the involvement of wine lovers on social Newtork such as twitter there was a real tam tam by the participants to show wine tasting events initiatives in place and meetings. The event sponsored and organized by the Wine Tourism Movement and Wine Cities offered entertainment in the open air, night-time tours leading towards the wonders of Italy, live music, dinners in the vineyard and unique wine tasting. Wine tourists were really spoiled for choice: producers, mayors wine, restaurateurs have bizzarriti to offer unique events that led by the hand to the wonders of Italy wine making from the vineyard to cellar. A very special way to rediscover and highlight the richness of Italian wine populated by countless memories and traditions related to the myriad of landscapes and territories of the beautiful country.

In this way, Calici di Stelle has focused on the aim, to find full confirmation here is the mission statement of one of the organizers: "To meet quality Italian wine with the general public: this is the formula of success" "Calici di Stelle" "- underlines the President of the City of Wine, Giampaolo Pioli - giving everyone the chance to taste it as it should, in glass goblets, comparing it to the dishes of our tradition, guided by experts or by the wine producers themselves. A meeting thanks to which you can actually spread awareness and moderate use of wine, understand the importance of respect for the landscape and how each bottle is the most authentic and genuine expression of its territory or what wine tourists have chosen as a destination to spend their holidays. " Regions that have been involved: - Puglia, with 60,000 visitors in two stages in Copertino and Trani, - Sicily with 3,000 wine enthusiasts who toasted the stars with lanterns and performances of live music, - Veneto with a series of very special events in villages, castles, wineries under the starry sky, - Lombardy in its three stages of Milan, Lonato and Casteggio - Umbria with more than 6,000 visitors in the stages of Bevagna, Montefalco, Castel Viscardo -Friuli Venezia Giulia in its two appointments in Grado and in the Rosazzo Abbey in Manzano.

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