Euganean "Calici di Stelle" in Villa Beatrice
Euganean "Calici di Stelle" in Villa Beatrice

Euganean "Calici di Stelle" in Villa Beatrice


In the heart of the Euganean Hills Regional Park

At the new Museum of Wine of the Euganean Hills in Vo’, the highly participated presentation to the press and the public of the Euganean "Calici di Stelle" 2015 took place, the traditional appointment with the DOC and DOCG wines of the Euganean Hills and the shooting stars of St. Lawrence in Villa Beatrice, on Mount Gemola. Actually, given the proven formula of the event, a few words and a toast of good wishes were enough for a success intended to replicate and even exceed that of 2014. All this in order to highlight the quality of the wines produced in the Euganean Hills, to enhance their features, together with the link with the territory and to promote the consumption of wine. These are the goals that since 2010 have characterized and enlivened the spirit of the Euganean "Calici di Stelle" event that, with the signing of the protocol with the Cities of Wine National Association of the Wine Tourism Movement, joined the wine producing municipalities in Italy and with them, in the leading role of the Province of Padua, also the five municipalities of Arquà Petrarca, Baone, Cinto Euganeo, Rovolon and Vo’.

Municipalities with high wine vocation that in the spectacular landscape of the Euganean Hills are offered to the public in the nights of shooting stars, in conjunction with what is happening in contemporary in the most beautiful towns and villages of Italy with wine connotation. An attitude that for the Euganean land results in three days and two nights to enjoy the wines of Euganean producers combined with tasty typical food, to let yourself be captivated by musical entertainment at the rhythm of the most persuasive jazz, swing and jazz funk music, to visit the Naturalistic Museum of flora and fauna of the Euganean Hills Regional Park and to discover the charm of a starry sky, crossed by the passage of our planet along the trail of Perseids. An astrophysical phenomenon that is even more magical, the organizers promise, if shared with our eyes turned to the sky and holding in our hands glasses of DOC and DOCG wine in one of the symbol scenes to represent the five picturesque towns promoters of the Euganean "Calici di Stelle".

Effectively, also this year, as an ideal place to gather all wine enthusiasts but also amateur astronomers, or simply curious, interested in the observation of the sky with powerful telescopes, Villa Beatrice d’Este on Mount Gemola, in the municipality of Baone, was chosen. It is here that thanks to a little bit of luck and the precious collaboration of the Euganean Astronomical Association and their experts, now an integral part of the organization staff, too, you can express the most coveted wish when the light a shooting star will end its run in the dark of a magical night. It must be said that, for the occasion, Villa Beatrice can be easily reached thanks to the free shuttle bus that leaves from 7:45 pm to 1:30 am for all three evenings from 8th to 10th August from Cinto Euganeo, from the large ex Cava Cucuzzola car park. Finally, we remind that in the ticket of 20 euro to attend the event are included: the tastings of over 25 producers present, the tastings of different dishes prepared every night in the name of authenticity, musical entertainment and a knapsack with a blown glass cup. An indispensable tool to enjoy the Euganean "Calici di Stelle" in Villa Beatrice on the Euganean Hills. For the stargazing with the guide of the Amateur Astronomers, the start is scheduled at 10:00 pm every evening in the program from 8th to 10th August. Info



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Euganean "Calici di Stelle" in Villa Beatrice