Masterclasses, moments of in-depth study and gastronomic combinations by local restaurateurs, accompanied by a varied musical proposal and the opportunity to visit an art exhibition and the rooms of Palazzo Martini, for the three days dedicated to the prince of Trentino red wines, which this year celebrates 50 years of DOC.

After the first four very busy weekends that from August 20 onwards animated the courtyard of Palazzo Martini in Mezzocorona , in which various local associations offered the opportunity to taste a selection of Teroldego Rotaliano labels in combination with food proposals, is approaching the last weekend of Waiting for September Rotaliano , entirely dedicated to the exhibition Discovering Teroldego , which turns 30 , coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the DOC Teroldego Rotaliano .

As always, the Pro Loco of Mezzocorona organized it with the support of Trentino Marketing and the coordination of the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route as part of the promotion of provincial wine events called #trentinowinefest .

The inauguration , explained the new president Pro Loco Daniele Postal during the press conference to present the event, is scheduled at 6.00 pm on Friday 17 September , at the courtyard of the Palace , where the entire weekend program will take place, which will take place even in case of rain. At the same time, the wine bar managed by an AIS sommelier will also be open with 36 Teroldego labels , including classic versions, rosés, reserves and selections, and, starting from 19.00 , the cocktail bar by the well-known bartender Leonardo Veronesi , which will give life to unusual cocktail based on artisan grappa from Trentino . The distillate will also be the protagonist of Personal Tasting curated by the regional section of the ANAG - National Association of Grappa and Brandy Tasters .

From 19.00 there will be the opportunity to taste the food proposal, entrusted to the chef Paolo Bonetti of the La Cacciatora Restaurant, while at 20.30 it will be the turn of the ONAV Masterclass - Trento Section " Teroldego Rotaliano: a great wine with many faces " *: an appointment by reservation ( cost 30 euros, 20 euros for ONAV members ). During the evening, the entertainment will be entrusted to the Sonic Trio.

Saturday 18 September the opening of the court is anticipated at 16.30 . From 6.00 pm onwards, in addition to the wine bar , it will be possible to participate in tastings with the local producers of Teroldego Rotaliano, who will be available to illustrate to the participants the characteristics of the wines on the list and "tell" their realities. Present Andrea Martinelli Farm, Betta Luigino Farm, De Vescovi Ulzbach Farm, Donati Marco Farm, Endrizzi Elio e F.lli Farm, Zeni Roberto Farm, Endrizzi Winery, Mezzacorona, Devigili, Dorigati and 435 HT Winery.

The food proposal will instead be entrusted this time to chef Andrea Rossi of Locanda Camorz , and Soul Generation XZ will perform. On the subject of special events, at 5.00 pm the masterclass by the Pro Loco " Confronti d'intage " ** is scheduled, dedicated to the aging of Teroldego , led by Eros Teboni , best sommelier in the world WSA 2018, who will guide the participants discovering a historic and a new vintage from five companies, for a total of ten wines ( cost € 30 ).

At 8.30 pm the Mezzocorona Library will present the fictional biography of the artist Maurizio Boscheri "Words are not needed - The enchanted world of Maurizio Boscheri", protagonist of the Beauty of the beasts exhibition, developed in collaboration with the local artist Daniele Calovi and can be visited every day.

Sunday 19 September the court will be open from 10.00 , with wine bar . At 10.30 , in particular, a Teroldego Rosato aperitif is scheduled, while from 12.00 . At 4.30 pm the well-known AIS sommelier Roberto Anesi , involved with TeRoldeGO Evolution, will propose the Masterclass " Alluvial lands in comparison" , while at 7.00 pm the in-depth analysis will be by the E. Mach Foundation - Agricultural Institute San Michele all'Adige , which will propose the 'meeting "A successful native enhanced by a suitable territory" , led by Luciano Groff ( both masterclasses cost 20 euros ).

At 5.00 pm Leonardo Veronesi's cocktail bar returns and the Personal Tasting with ANAG Trentino Alto Adige , while the musical entertainment will be entrusted to the Real Folk Blues Duo.

Moreover, for those who want it, from 14.00 to 18.00 , you can participate in the guided tours of Palazzo Martini , to discover oil paintings, frescoes, furnishings, boiserie and majolica stoves in the rooms.

Participation in the various initiatives and activities is allowed only to Green Pass holders and booking is strongly recommended. With the exception of the ONAV appointment, which can be booked by writing to, the other master classes can be booked by contacting the Piana Rotaliana Königsberg Tourist Consortium on 0461 1752525 or by writing to

The event is preceded and also accompanied by the review A tutto Teroldego (, scheduled from 16 to 26 September : a rich calendar of tastings, themed menus, visits to cellars and vineyards scheduled throughout the territory of the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route, between the Piana Rotaliana, the Paganella plateau, Vallagarina, Lake Garda, the Pinè plateau, Valsugana and the city of Trento.

* The ONAV tasting includes the tasting of the following labels: Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Rosato 2019 by Azienda Agricola Donati Marco, Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Vigilius 2018 by Azienda Agricola de Vescovi Ulzbach, Teroldego Rotaliano DOC 2017 by Azienda Agricola Zeni Ai Pini, Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Teroldico 2019 by Azienda Agricola Fedrizzi Cipriano, Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Damn 2018 by Azienda Agricola Redondel, Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Gran Masetto 2015 by Cantina Endrizzi Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Clesurae 2013 by Cantina Rotaliana di Mezzolombardo, Teroldego Rotaliano NOS DOC 2016 by Cantine Mezzacorona, 2019 by Dorigati, Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Riserva Gaierhof 2018 by Gaierhof.

** The tasting of Eros Teboni includes the tasting of the following labels: Teroldego Rotaliano DOC 2018 and 1990 by Endrizzi Elio and F.lli; Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Vigilius 2018 and 2015 by De Vescovi Ulzbach; Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Diedri 2018 and 1996 by Dorigati; Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Ai pini 2017 and 2009 Zeni Roberto; Riserva NOS 2016 and 2003 of Cantine Mezzocorona.

Event profile

The event, organized by the Pro Loco of Mezzocorona with the support of Trentino Marketing and the coordination of the Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino as part of the promotion of provincial wine events called #trentinowinefest, sees the logistical support of the Piana Rotaliana Tourist Consortium Königsberg and the support of local institutions and sponsors.

Teroldego Rotaliano profile

Teroldego Rotaliano is an indigenous wine that grows in the heart of the Piana Rotaliana, a small patch of land north of Trento that extends for 450 hectares between Mezzocorona, Mezzolombardo and San Michele all'Adige. It is an important wine with an unmistakable class, which has always been defined as the "prince of Trentino wines". With an intense ruby red color with garnet reflections, of different intensity depending on the maturation of the wine, it has a very fruity aroma that recalls very ripe berries such as blackberry, blueberry and raspberry. The taste is as fine as it is powerful, slightly tannic, mineral and lively, the flavor is dry, savory and with a perfect balance between pleasantness and concentration.