During the international conference on wine tourism has been presented "The Enotourist face" today:


-Where does he come from? Italy 62%


-Age? range from 30-50 years


-Chromosome? Y almost 60 % is male


-Internet users: 2 of 3 use the Internet to plan their holiday.


-Travel Destination: cellars (66, 3%) match with food and wine, sports, events, culture and wellness.


-In which period of the year does it travel? He travels throughout the year but the month is preferred by wine tourists in May (for 38% of respondents), followed by August (15%), September (13.5%), July (11.1%) and June (7.9%).

Both the weekend (45%) than during the week (55%)


-How much money he paid out? Average expenditure for each tourist up to 193 euro (as confirmed by the Censis)


  The photograph is the result of
investigation 'CST-Italian Wine Tourism Movement.

This research profiles the wine tourist as a demanding and interesting figure for which the integrated offering that combines more than one service is the best solution.


But the words of Chiara Lungarotti, the president of the Italian Wine Tourism Movement:

"This type of offer is a strategic asset on which it is indispensable to aim to exploit the full potential of growth enotourism, which today are only 20%. It is therefore necessary that all actors, public and not, accelerate the pace to enhance comprehensively the Italian territories, combining cultural heritage, promotion events, quality of wine production and tourism environment ".



Photo: winegoggle.co.za