The new line for bartenders by Bevande Futuriste was presented at the Florence Cocktail Week 2021.


It was held in Florence, during the sixth edition of the Florence Cocktail Week, presenting Prohibito - The new way of mixing, a new brand of beverages Futurist, exclusive new mixability result of a work of two years of close collaboration with the best Italian bartenders. Seven fruit mixes, two sugary syrups, three premium syrups Made in Puglia , a mother base with 15 essences, a butter syrup, the Tiki Batter. This is the team of products presented at Ditta Artigianale by Samuele Ambrosi of the Cloakroom Cocktail Lab in Treviso, by Gianni Zottola , an expert in mixing Tiki and Tropical and by the Prohibito brand ambassador, Gianluca Fraccascia . A name, Prohibito , which winks at the legendary Thirties, those of American prohibition, which today speaks the language of the most current drinks, but also those of the future. Prohibito represents the charm of being able to experiment, innovate and customize with a few simple gestures within everyone's reach.


Seven natural fruit for mix products , with up to 90% pure fruit, natural ingredients and without dyes, ideal for cocktails, frozen drinks, slushes and smoothies. Flavors ranging from blueberry to peach, from strawberry to pomegranate, from passion fruit to coconut and raspberry. Two natural sugary syrups, ideal for giving a touch of healthy sweetness to drinks and cocktails, one of organic agave, with a low glycemic index and one of invert sugar which, thanks to the invertase enzyme, has a greater sweetening power than sugar. simple. Syrups with refined ingredients, expression of the best Italian regional excellences. It starts with three exclusive premium Made in Puglia flavors, ideal for reinterpretations of classics and garnish for catering. Acquaviva red onion syrup, Slow Food presidium, grown in a natural way respecting the ancient tradition of Acquaviva delle Fonti. Toritto almond syrup, a Slow Food presidium of the Murgia, an area where various native cultivars of the best quality come to life. Finally, the Primitivo IGT Puglia wine syrup: of origins lost in the mists of time and of certified origin, it is the primitive wine that best expresses the region.

There is also a 500 ml mother base, made only with natural ingredients, a creamy compound with a neutral taste, used for mixing essences in cocktails. With a single base you can give life to countless combinations of tastes, mixing the essences to your liking. Mother base that is accompanied by fifteen essences of 50 ml with dropper cap and spray nebulizer. A selection of highly concentrated botanicals, without antioxidants and 100% natural with the flavors of vanilla, rhubarb, ginger, elderflower, violet, cinnamon, bergamot, mandarin, star anise, chinotto, cardamom, juniper, rosemary, lime and nails carnation. The essences of the Prohibito line are real natural eau de parfum to flavor drinks and to perfume the atmosphere.

Prohibito grande the inn ovation played by Tiki Batter , a butter syrup, a natural product created with the aim of increasing the gustatory complexity and succulence of a cocktail. Ideal for high mixing, the Tiki Batter is in effect a new experiential frontier, which has as its precursors the gurus of the Tiki world, who used butter in their aphrodisiac preparations.

"Prohibito is a name, a concept, a futuristic mission, ancient values modern twist - emphasizes Elena Ceschelli, Director of Marketing and Communication of the Treviso Drinks Futuriste. P arliamo the bartender, the aesthetes barman of the new generation, experimentation lovers with quality products, which seek beauty in every detail and demand excellence here and now. When something or someone presents itself before our eyes, with the Prohibito label, it is as if our more adventurous side were immediately activated and wanted to take up the challenge of creating original, unique and authentic cocktails ".

Bevande Futuriste was born in 2014 in Treviso, after two years of research and development on the study of consumption outside the home on today's modern and futuristic woman. Three partners: Alessandro Angelon , Elena Ceschelli and Alberto Zamuner , united by friendship and love for beauty in everything, with a strong experience in food and beverage. Six product lines to which Prohibito is added: DiFrutta Bio , the beautiful, good and even organic fruit juice; TVBio Smoothie pure organic fruit juices; the Cortese line, premium sodas for the professional bartender; ama_tè , bio ice teas made from a real infusion of green tea leaves; Original bio 1959 , the sparkling drinks of the Italian tradition and the new Amatisana line. The mission is written in the Futurist manifesto the Praise to Beauty : the values of beauty for a better quality of life through an assortment of natural and organic drinks, good, healthy, beautiful, absolutely low in sugar. The fruit, carefully selected and harvested at the origin, is the starting point, preferring also organic, Italian products and of controlled and certified origin. Products that do not follow trends, but offer beauty and it is from here that the name of Futurists was born, driven by an ardent desire to change the static nature of the Ho.Re.Ca. through a group of people who spread the Futurist verb every day. In recent years, Futurist Beverages have supported the bartender's work in proposing unique and distinctive cocktails using Made in Italy.