Meetings, exhibitions, tastings and events are the ingredients of an event that increases every year its consensus by the general public. Three days full of events dedicated to the world of wine, to taste and to the pleasure of beauty in a frame of absolute charm.

During the holiday of June 2nd, in Spoleto, there will be a wonderful event with tastings, shows, cooking shows. It is “Wines of the World” 2014, a food and wine event that from May 31st to June 2nd will provide many opportunities to have fun and to learn by wine producers the secrets of an ancient art.

Spoleto will become an open–air theater, for three days “the full spirit of wine” will be the protagonist, there will be the pleasure of wine in the squares, in historic buildings and in the streets, in an edition with many new features.

Including: the partnership with FIS, the Italian Sommelier Foundation of Franco Maria Ricci. Another important new entry will be the presence of Gianfranco Vissani, who will present a new format, “The other Vissani”.

In addition to great wines and author cuisine, there is also room for events dedicated to the economy of wine. There will be also meetings with foreign buyers.
An initiative of this year is the launch of the “Wines of the World” Award: prizes that will be awarded to several categories of the wine world by a jury of high level.

The goal – Alessandro Casali, who organizes the event, said – is to make a big issue, that brings together in an original way the public and producers, to contribute to increase quality

with a special focus on responsible drinking, especially of young people.

«Wine and food of quality, Franco M. Ricci, president of the Italian Sommelier Foundation and of the Worldwide Sommelier Association, explains – is a universal language that needs no interpreter; just like music, theater, and all the fine arts. Wine is love, pleasure and culture for everyone, at all times and in all places. Being in Spoleto is for us an honor and a duty, because for twenty–six years we have been telling the world the excitement and knowledge that are in every glass».