After wine, now is the turn of cheese, produced in the Gorgona jail.

Wine, Food and socially helpful projects: these are ingredients of the Frescobaldi social project for Gorgona.

Funded by the Fine Cash of the Penitentiary Administration Department and realized thanks to the collaboration between the Directorate of the Gorgona jail and the Tuscan wine company with 700 years of history.

Wine and cheese of quality for the pro–inmates social project

They had already started the production of white wine in collaboration with the inmates of the island of Gorgogna. Now is the turn of cheese to conquer the demanding palates of experts and enthusiasts. We talk about 200 wheels of cheese, thanks to the valuable contribution of the master of cheese–making techniques Alberto Marcomini, who has made himself available to teach the art of quality cheese.

“The idea is to produce 0 km–cheese, enhancing the raw materials of a unique territory and following the oldest and most traditional cheese–making techniques– Alberto Marcomini highlights. The goal is to teach inmates the secrets of making cheese to give them the opportunity to learn a job”.

“I am pleased to have involved among the partners of this project a name like Alberto Marcomini that I influenced with my enthusiasm – Lamberto Frescobaldi, President of the Tuscan company of the same name, says –I am convinced that the cheeses of Gorgona will win the hearts of many consumers, as well as wine, and let the world know a pristine and wild island, the only one left in Italy, a model to imitate for the recovery and social reintegration of inmates”.

What are Cheeses of Gorgona?

All cheese produced in the Gorgona jail: with raw milk to 35 degrees, turned with rennet without ferments and flavored with local flavors.

1. The first, square–shaped, is flavored with myrtle and rosemary collected on the island, dried and crushed to give an aromatic and unmistakable flavor to cheese;

2. The second, round–shaped, is instead washed in Gorgona wine.

Wine and Cheese of Gorgona for tasting at Enoteca Pinchiorri

As early as October Gorgona cheeses will begin to delight the tables of restaurants in Italy. Among the first to receive the products, Enoteca Pinchorri, project partner. “When I was explained the project for Gorgona, I accepted with great enthusiasm, not only by virtue of the friendship that binds me to the Frescobaldi family , but also because I consider it appropriate that everyone pays greater attention towards the conditions of jails in Italy – Giorgio Pinchiorri says – We need to be part of a movement to improve the quality of life in jails and rehabilitation of inmates through their commitment to a craft or an art is also fundamental”.