Union Restaurants Buon Ricordo OPEN? FOR WHO?
Union Restaurants Buon Ricordo OPEN? FOR WHO?

Union Restaurants Buon Ricordo OPEN? FOR WHO?

We launched the first alarm cry on March 30, 2020. The second is dated April 22.

Our world, the world of Italian catering still wonders and wanders without certainties.

The redundancy fund for our employees, as of this writing, has not yet been monetised.

The dribble of decisions between central government and regions

led, last minute, to give the possibility to open our activities for today Monday 18 May.

Too bad that the DPCM and the various regional ordinances containing the famous protocol

with the rules to follow he arrived only a few hours earlier.

A joke!

On May 18 Italian restaurants are invited to reopen in a hurry,

risking not being able to be ready from the point of view of health security,

without having seen practically no financial aid yet,

with serious doubts related to the renewal of the 9 weeks of layoffs,

with the ax of criminal responsibility on the head and with regulatory rules

which, combined with the widespread negative climate, will lead to an expected drop in turnover of around 80%.

We of the Buon Ricordo Restaurants Union, who for 56 years have been defending traditional cuisine

and that we have always had food and wine tourism as our focus,

we cannot betray our history.

We all would like to open. Our associates shudder but are torn.

We all know that it will be impossible to make profit.

We are used to welding suppliers and employees. We cannot deny our past.

There are no conditions

Some of us will open the same in the next few days

to ensure a catering service, necessary in some areas,

but as a union of good memories at the moment,

we are not able to carry out our mission related to food and wine tourism.

Regional and European borders are closed.

In many, therefore, we will wait for better times.

Our appeal is therefore addressed to the institutions: open Italy.

Let's go back to free movement, to tourism.

We give positivity to Italians. Trust us entrepreneurs. The whole world envies us.

If we really have to continue fighting with this virus, we will do it but with a smile.

The climate of fear that all these limitations put in place will not lead to anything good.

We are not for sensational protests but the sector is really nervous.


We are playing the entire Italian restaurant.

56 years of age, a hundred brands , including a dozen abroad: since 1964 the Union of Good Memories Union has safeguarded and enhanced the many traditions and gastronomic cultures of our country, uniting under the aegis of local cuisine (at that time scarcely considered) country and city restaurants and taverns, from North to South. URBR was the first association of restaurateurs born in Italy and is still today the most widespread and well-known. To characterize each restaurant, and to create a trait d'union between them, today is as in the past the dish-symbol hand-painted by the artisans of the Ceramica Artistica Solimene of Vietri sul Mare on which the specialty of the restaurant is portrayed, which is donated to the guests in memory of a pleasant gastronomic experience to remember. Taken together, restaurants and associated trattorias represent, with the extraordinary variety of their kitchens, the rich mosaic of Italian gastronomy.




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Union Restaurants Buon Ricordo OPEN? FOR WHO?