Sommeliers and tasters guide the public to discover the wine world

Many are the tasting sessions proposed to learn more about the wine world and to offer them there are the main associations of sommeliers and tasters in the province that make available to the public their knowledge and skills.

Fisar, delegation of Vicenza, organizes 4 events, one for each day of the fair. Those are moments of encounter between wine and food – such as Pizza and Wine and Canapès and Sparkling Wines – designed also to teach the basic rules of good drinking and the basic principles of tasting. The Ais delegation of Vicenza offers a path dedicated to sparkling wines.

They will discuss some types of sparkling wines produced with the Charmat method and with the Classic method. After, the terroirs of origin and the grape varieties will be analyzed.

The Onav of Vicenza, instead, presents two paths to discover the wines of the Vicenza area: one on the Bordeaux wines of the Colli Berici and Breganze DOCs and one on the sweet wines of Vicenza, to discover together the Vicenza DOCs suited for the production of sweet wines.

Here is the full list of the tastings.