Tagliatella with butter from the “Carta d'Estate” is the new “Horizon” by Chef Davide Rangoni
Tagliatella with butter from the “Carta d'Estate” is the new “Horizon” by Chef Davide Rangoni

Tagliatella with butter from the “Carta d'Estate” is the new “Horizon” by Chef Davide Rangoni

Chef Davide Rangoni presents his new menu on the occasion of the opening of the season of the Dolomieu restaurant in Madonna di Campiglio.

Precise field choices in the kitchen that mark a new creative path.

Madonna di Campiglio, 20 July 2021 - On 22 July the doors of the new season of the Dolomieu restaurant in Madonna di Campiglio will open. There are many new menus that chef Davide Rangoni has created for both the bistro and the " Dolomieu ", the gourmet restaurant that he runs, both, since 2018 within the Hotel DV Chalet Boutique Hotel and SPA **** S of the Zambotti family .

“What we have experienced in these months and which in some way we have overcome, has been an important test for everyone - says chef Davide Rangoni - . We have become aware and re-established new points of reference, an experience that has affected our way of feeling. I tried to tell this introspective journey through my kitchen, working on: balance and cleanliness, listening and interpretation. Essentiality ". This is where Chef Rangoni's study starts and adds: “ With“ Carta d'Estate ”, the new Dolomieu menu , I wanted to make a clean break with what no longer represented me. A bit like Fontana, I wanted to tear away what I no longer felt inside, to completely rewrite the new identity of the menu . It's mine. I removed all the sea fish, focusing on our meats and freshwater fish . I dared, I went further, I gambled, proposing a simple noodle with butter . Even if - adds the chef with a smile - there is very little simple given the continuous research and attention to materials. The pasta is made with hand-rolled Storo soft wheat flour, organic eggs, fresh alpine butter that smells of meadow grass and a 30-month-old Trentingrana “.

His signature dishes remain on the menu "Caldo Freddo di Diaframma di Rendena, More and Caviar Prestige Calvisius" and his sweet-non-sweet "Brûlé al Taleggio, crunchy sesame with Mugo and alchechengi mustard "

The diaphragm is a poor part that is embellished with caviar. In this dish there is everything : the territory, because the Rendena is an autochthonous breed of Trentino cattle; there is the search for the balance between the heat and the cold of sunburn; the collaboration , working side by side with the breeder to reach, with his experience, the right aging with the correct passage in the salt cave and finally, there is the blue of the heart of the diaphragm, the red of the blackberries. Acidity and softness . "

Faithful to the harmony he is always looking for, the Chef offers his guests, for the end of the meal, the non-sweet dessert that accompanies the final pastry preparing the palate. “ With this dish, I recall the trend of cheese at the end of the meal, transforming it into an almost sweet. The square shape takes the shape of Taleggio, the crunchy, the chromatic rubrum of the crust and the mugo, a syrup made with small naturally macerated pine cones, which, in this way, releases essences of officinal herbs and resin in the sweet-non-sweet. immediately bringing the mind up, where the fresh mountain air opens the lungs and you can breathe life ".

Between the courage and audacity of the à la carte menu, the daring Rangoni walks “All'Orizzonte” , with the tasting menu.

Sometimes when I go to the mountains I don't have a precise destination, I put on my shoes and start walking. My only point of reference is the horizon. " It is this ever-changing thin line that inspires Rangoni for the tasting menu. “All'Orizzonte” is a travel notebook, my Moleskine, where I put everything I've done, all the places I've visited, the people I've met and the experiences I've lived. I have touched different corners of the earth and at its antipodes I have found the thread that linked everything, the balance that I like to recreate in my dishes. "

Unlike the à la carte menu, All'Orizzonte , the tasting menu, speaks all the languages of the world. From the mountain it goes down to the valley, from the valley it goes into the open sea to return to the hinterland that smells of continuous discovery and new perspectives.

Having traveled and lived almost everywhere in Italy, I resumed my journey through the beauties of our country proposing: a broth of morels , squid and phytoplankton; turbot in porchetta , Jerusalem artichoke and river cress; penne all'arrabbiata with purple tarragon prawns and a little Timut pepper to inebriate. Then - continues the Chef - a breast and leg of pigeon with a sauce of cherries and vermouth, bitter herbs and clams, to conclude with a raspberry and lemon toffee and our pastry. From the welcome until the end of the meal, a continuous pampering for our guests. "

In the kitchen of Chef Rangoni, there is never a shortage of seasonal vegetables and herbs that he collects during his walks to the summit. “There is a lot of talk about attention to food waste and sustainability . For those who come from the countryside like me, these practices have them inside, they are part of my personal history and are even deeper since the mountain has become the place where it is easy for me to estrange myself and get in touch with the Whole. " And it is there, at high altitude, where silence becomes the Master, that chef Davide Rangoni's creative process begins.




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Tagliatella with butter from the “Carta d'Estate” is the new “Horizon” by Chef Davide Rangoni