"Dining with Stars of the Northeast" the Trilogy of taste starts

"Dining with Stars of the Northeast" the Trilogy of taste starts

"Dining with Stars of the Northeast" the Trilogy of taste starts

To open the program of the Trilogy of Taste in the evenings of 25th, 26th and 27th June, dedicated to the great kitchen in Ancient Trattoria Ballotta, an historian venue in Italy at the foot of the Euganean Hills, in Torreglia, there will be "Dining with the Stars of the Northeast".

A charity event that year after year has brought together the starred and extrastarred chefs of the Veneto, Trentino and Friuli regions, as a gesture of solidarity towards an unfortunate food and wine journalist who can no longer use his pen as in the past, in which he reviewed almost all the cooks in the Northeast. Some of them, now starred and also famous for his merit, for an evening, get together and cook for free in his name. To enjoy the parade of stars and supercooks, the increasingly large audience that year after year do not miss the appointment with the excellences of the Northeast cuisine. Supported by equally generous and noble protagonists of the oenogastronomic world like prestigious wineries, brewers, butchers, masters of cheese, chocolate, and producers of mouth–watering sweet.

But not before having tasted the dishes by Lionello Cera of the Cera restaurant, Piergiorgio Siviero of Lazzaro 1915, Alfio Ghezzi of Locanda Margon, Riccardo De Prà of Dolada, Alessandro Breda of Gellius, Felice Lo Basso of Alpen Royal, Francesco Paonessa of Al Capriolo, Alberto Tonizzo of "Al Ferarut,", Raffaele Ros of San Martino, Leandro Luppi of Vecchia Malcesine, Piero Zanini of La Taverna, Franco Favaretto of Baccalàdivino, Matia Barbieri of Enoteca Centrale, Marco Talamini of La Torre, Daniele Zennaro of Vecio Fritolin, Achille Leonardelli of Ca De Boci, Nadia Pasquali of "Alla Borsa", Cristina and Fabio Legnaro of Antica Trattoria Ballotta, Gabriele Ferron of Riseria Ferron and the outsider Peter Brunel and the bekèr Fabrizio Nonis. All engaged in this great parade of stars and haute cuisine that will enjoy combinations offered by the wineries Bosco del Merlo, Carpené Malvolti, Cormons Winery, the Consortium for the Protection of Lessini Durello Doc, the Consortium for the Protection of White Wine Custoza Doc, Maeliwine–if –Zen, Quota 101, Il Pigozzo Farm, Cavalchina Farm, Tommasi Winemakers, Vicenza Wines, Franco Zanovello, Franciacorta Belon du Belon.

There will be also popular beers such as Birra 32, Birra Antoniana, Five to Six. On the tasting tables, to accompany the dishes of the chefs, Salumi Podere Cadassa, le specialities of Non Toccatemi il Formaggio, Le Primizie di Selecta, the Valchona Chocolate, La Rose Noir, the sweets of the Loison House and, to end up, the spirits of Luxardo.

For the following evening, June 26th, another triumph of gastronomy in the court of Antica Trattoria Ballotta, that for the trilogy of Taste is transformed into a large kitchen and in a large room with dozens of staff positions for chefs and the public, hosting, for the second event, the Vergani Ballotta Kitchen Grand Prix. A dinner prepared by about a dozen chefs representing the best restaurants in the Veneto region, coming from seven provinces, and who will compete for the coveted prize of the Italian Academy of Kitchen–Euganean delegation, after being promoted by the judgment of the technicians and having faced that of the audience, which becomes the people’s jury.

Of the people wants to be also the third evening of June 27th: At Full Fish. A dinner based on unusual fish dishes for the culinary tradition of this part of the hills of the Veneto region that, however, will have at its side the fresh fish from the not distant fishing town provided by Cam of Chioggia. A town immortalized by Goldoni’s "Brawling in Chioggia", that for the occasion will be staged in its salient parts, with the TeatroNovo company. That will bring the popular and commoner atmosphere of Goldoni, playwright and lover of good fish, to the court of Ballotta.

For the dinner with the Stars, the cost is 45 euro per person with free seat at the table, with reservation of the table, instead, the cost is 55 euro per person.

For the other two nights: euro 45.

Info and reservations:

Antica Trattoria Ballotta, tel. 049.5912970.



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"Dining with Stars of the Northeast" the Trilogy of taste starts

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