Many adhesions between artisans of taste, institutions and partnerships that are good for the territory.

Many adhesions, with the patronage of bodies, institutions and the support of local companies, for an appointment that aims to create a network on the territory, promoting small local economies by presenting Cilento excellence to the public, the same ones that inspired Angel Keys, precursor of the Mediterranean diet. At the same time, the event will aim to act as an induced tourist attraction and not surprisingly, it will take place during the long-awaited long weekend of 22 - 25 April, at Next in Capaccio-Paestum . The event will open to the public every day at 18.00 and will continue until 22.00 in the permanent tasting area where the artisans of taste will present their excellence, and moments of food and wine insights, by reservation only, after 22.00 the evening continues with a variety of entertainment. To introduce "Cilento Tastes" a moment of reflection on the central themes of the event with CREA (Horticulture and Nursery Research Center) and the Campania Agro Biodiversity project.

At the center, always and in any case, the ancient crafts and Cilento excellence coordinated by the experience of Giovanna Voria , the peasant chef, as she likes to define herself, ambassador of the Mediterranean diet in the world. Spotlights on the most representative products of Cilento, enhanced through the various masterclasses coordinated by the journalist Marco Contursi: insights are provided on Cilento cured meats, on Cilento dop extra virgin olive oil, on the Dop and Igp wines of the area, finally on the Mozzarella di Bufala DOP and other typical Cilento cheeses, with the participation of professionals in the sector and associations for the promotion of gastronomic culture such as Oleum " Olive Oil Tasters" and Onaf " National Organization of Cheese Tasters" - Salerno delegation. And again, workshops on the Vatolla onion (Vatolla Onion Association) and on the iconic "Fusilli di Felitto " (APS Association - Pasquale Oristanio). There will also be workshops dedicated to food and the Mediterranean diet by associations rooted in the area such as the "Association for the Mediterranean diet of Paestum: lifestyle, health and longevity" and the "Living Museum of the Mediterranean diet" in Pioppi which represents the tribute more important to Ancel Keys, an American scientist who was the first to discover the benefits of the Cilento diet and lifestyle on health, carrying out studies on the Mediterranean diet for over 40 years in the small town, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010. Space also for children, not surprisingly, the "Food Lab For Kids " format debuts at the "Cilento Tastes" in collaboration with In Cibum , a school of advanced gastronomic training, designed not only to guarantee valid entertainment for the little ones, but also to sensitize the new recruits to a correct diet: learn the Mediterranean culture, playing and having fun, becoming "restaurateurs for a day". During the workshop, the children will live the restaurant experience and will cook for their parents. Under the banner of the principles of recovery and biodiversity, there is also a focus on "ancient seeds" and the presence of "Guardian Growers" , i.e. those who ensure the "in-situ" conservation of genetic resources of agricultural interest at risk of extinction registered in the Directory Regional. Furthermore, the intervention of the “Aperitivo Sociale” association is foreseen, which promotes well-being, social, cultural and territorial growth. “Campania Tipica” is also present at the event, a brand that links tourism to the discovery of the authenticity of the territory and local traditions and which connects the sectors of non-hotel hospitality, catering, farms and incoming tourism.

Not only visibility, but also new opportunities: the event will bring to the attention of sector operators, chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders, the excellence presented by small artisans of taste, through a "B2B" meeting between producers and insiders with the aim of generating new business opportunities, but also meeting opportunities, with appointments for presenting the event to taste experts. Also strong is the contribution of large companies in co-branding, such as Sole 365: the company will support the event by sharing its mission, that is to protect small productions to escape homologation by supporting the value chain linked to typical products.

Among the companies that will support the event: Pasabahce specialized in the production of glass goblets. The water will be exclusively from the Campania region of the Lete and Sorgesana brand, as will the coffee, thanks to the support of Caffè Borbone. The event will be told live by Radio Punto Zero through the "Stories of excellence" format program created for Cilento Tastes, with interviews with the experts present at the event and with the artisans of taste who will thus have the opportunity to make themselves known, while La Contadina , the artisan culture of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, will pay homage to all visitors with the new buffalo yogurt "Bufarello".