Villa Saletta together with Tarta Blu for fundraising.

By purchasing one or even more Villa Saletta labels, including rosé, sparkling wine and reds from native and international grapes and organic extra virgin olive oil, you can contribute to the Tarta Blu fundraising for the purchase of games and materials for learning autonomy and for the stimulation of motor skills, linguistic expressiveness, and the senses, all aimed at a better relationship with the outside world.

Villa Saletta, in fact, will donate part of the proceeds from the sales to the Tarta Blu Association. The labels can be purchased both in the cellar and online on the Villa Saletta website.

Villa Saletta

Owned by the English Hands family, active in the world of finance and hotels, Villa Saletta, with over 720 hectares of woods, olive trees, vineyards, crops, a historic fourteenth-century village from which the company takes its name, ancient farmhouses and villas for hospitality, it develops in the splendid and uncontaminated hilly countryside of Palaia, in the province of Pisa.

The estate has been managed since 2015 by the agronomist and oenologist David Landini, originally from Tuscany, who also takes care of the technical direction of the various productions, including first of all wine, then oil, grains, herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Dating back to 980 AD , the date of the first written report on the production of wine on the farm, it is an ancient estate which has now returned to new splendor thanks to the Hands family and their collaborators. Its history spans many centuries that have forged and strengthened its rural soul. The estate, throughout this long period, has belonged to 4 great families: that of the Gambacortas, who consolidated the ownership of the lands around the farm in 1300, that of the Riccardi, a wealthy Florentine family of bankers of the powerful house of the Medici who transformed Villa Saletta in a real rural company during the 16th and 17th centuries and from which the coat of arms was inherited, depicting a key, today the logo of the winery and its labels, that of the Castles that followed the Riccardi and finally the English family Hands, to whom we owe the rebirth of this beautiful reality purchased in 2000.

With the new ownership and the project of giving life to an estate where wine will be the leitmotif of a 360 ° hospitality which, thanks to the renovation of the ancient village of Villa Saletta and the development of a luxury resort, villas that today already welcome people from all over the world, to the construction of a trattoria and shop of local delicacies that will rise where the cellar is now, and to the birth of a gourmet restaurant, will become a unique place where Bacchus, quality catering and Mother Nature will blend together to give unique experiences.

From the current 30 hectares of vineyards, of which 17 fully operational and another ten that will soon be planted, 7 labels are produced: a sparkling wine from Sangiovese grapes, a rosé from Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet, a Chianti Superiore, a Sangiovese Igt Toscana and three Igt Tuscany from cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

The extra virgin olive oil, obtained from over 6000 plants of leccino, frantoio, moraiolo, pendolino and rocket, from this year makes use of the organic certification.

For more information: email Villa Saletta - Tel. 0587 628121
For more information on Tarta Blu: Tarta Blu website