The Italian edition of the book "Il guru del Vino" by the French winemaker Michel Rolland will be released and will be previewed at the Arnaldo Caprai farm in Montefalco.

«Vinexpo has been a convict three times between me and Italy. The third extraordinary meeting took place in Bordeaux in 2015, thanks to Charlie Artourola: it was he who called me and told me that Marco Caprai wanted to meet me. His Sagrantino di Montefalco were already famous all over the world but he wanted to go further and inscribe this grape among the greatest of winemaking. The challenge knew - and still knows today - about complexity, which is why I accepted immediately, and then 2015 was a great year and was certainly not wasted ». This is how Michel Rolland recounts the meeting which led to the collaboration, five years ago, with the Arnaldo Caprai farm in Montefalco . This is one of the many anecdotes narrated in the book Il guru del vino , published in Italy by Edizioni Ampelos (pp. 190, format 15x21 softcover; publication date June 2020; cover price € 19.00).
The book will be presented by Michel Rolland in person to the press on July 21 in the spaces of the Montefalco winery, but it has only recently been on sale in the bookstore and also in an e-book version.
Son of winemakers, Rolland was destined to take over the family property, but he wanted more: how did this boy from Libournais become the most wanted and media winemaker on the planet? How do you manage to produce wines that are always "on the spot" and that will surely appeal to millions of fans all over the world? Leafing through the pages of the book you will not only go through the life of the "king of assembly", but also the history of French and international viticulture, in a very pleasant story alternating with anecdotes and reestablished truths, meetings with great personalities and important friends (such as with Robert Parker), who will surprise you by debunking some myths.

«The Italian title" Il guru del vino "- writes Rolland in the introduction to the Italian edition of the book written in collaboration with the journalist and writer Isabelle Bunisset - is naturally ironic, given that during my career they have called me in the most different ways : Napoleon of the assemblies, Maradona, Mephistopheles and whoever has more put them ... it seems clear to me that these are banal nicknames. In real life, all of this has nothing to do with it. In this book, I wanted to tell how the son of a winemaker from the region of Bordeaux, of a modest family, has achieved the prestigious position of consultant among the most famous on the planet wine. This path had a lot of fun for me: going to many different countries first of all satisfied my curiosity but also ended up generating a certain megalomania. This is how we get to produce wine in twenty-one countries, to have a hundred companies that follow or have followed the advice of the "guru". But above all, it was an incredible human adventure, made of pleasant or unpleasant but always rewarding encounters and discoveries.
I started with oenology when everything had yet to be invented and tested. I have initiated and accompanied the greatest changes in viticulture and winemaking. I have traveled to the ends of the world, in all latitudes, to undermine the beliefs of the doubters. I assembled several vines that were thought to be irreconcilable. I discovered lands that were thought to be ungrateful and on which proud vine stocks sprout. I met singular men who had at heart the idea of producing unique wines of great character in countries with an unlikely vineyard destiny. Enthusiasm is what gives life light. I repeat it often: nothing can be undertaken unless you have a strong desire and if you do not look beyond the present time ».

Michel Rolland is a consultant for over a hundred wineries all over the world, including, as mentioned, also the Arnaldo Caprai farm. «Sagrantino - underlines Rolland - is a grape variety that has a marked personality, but it is possible to educate and direct it. In the world of wine you are successful when you are able to offer something original and Sagrantino has the ability to be unique ».

The goal set by the oenologist with the Caprai winery is to make this wine seductive, smoothing out its peculiar roughness but preserving its character: a Pygmalion, capable of modeling and improving the personality of the student Sagrantino, while promoting its natural inclinations. On tasting, all this appears evident, surprising and fascinating at the same time.
«The aim is to widen the ranks of regular consumers. A leap in quality that can bring "important numbers" also for tourism - proudly says Caprai - Rolland is the man who knows, best of all, tastes in the wine sector. With him we can really aim to make Sagrantino di Montefalco one of the best wines in the world ». But not only that, because some new Caprai labels were born with Rolland, above all Berlcompare and Malcompare. Belcompare is a 100% Merlot which ages 2 years in barrique and ages 8 months in bottle, with intense notes of black currant, graphite and a few touches of geranium. On the palate it is tense, fresh, with salty and citrus tannins. A compressed and elegant wine, unforgettable, which aims to position itself in the empyrean of the great national and international Merlots. Malcompare, on the other hand, is a 100% Pinot Noir, round and fresh, with hints of violet and raspberry, which in the mouth gives sweet notes of wood and spices (due to the 2 years of aging in barrique, followed by 8 months in bottle) and a soft and silky finish where there is not even a right acidity. It is the expression of the constant tension towards experimentation and innovation of the Arnaldo Caprai farm, which bases its foundations on a profound and tireless work of research and enhancement of the terroir.

Few other wineries in Italy identify themselves so profoundly with the Sagrantino di Montefalco, such as Arnaldo Caprai. A unique reality, synonymous with Italian excellence, capable of creating wines out of the ordinary for depth, elegance and longevity not only red, but also white. The merit of this adventure that began in the late seventies is Marco Caprai, Arnaldo's son. It was he, in fact, more than anyone else who believed in the richness of Sagrantino, reinterpreting it in a modern key, through the most innovative production and business management methods, which allowed him to conquer the favors of the public and critics of everything. the world. Not least the whites: the Grecante Arnaldo Caprai, 100% Grechetto, managed to conquer the Top100 of Wine Spectator.
A large company, Arnaldo Caprai, which has a green soul, considering issues relating to sustainability, protection and environmental protection as fundamental. The observation point is always the same: trying to behave in harmony with the natural evolutionary cycles, preserving and enhancing the territory in which it operates. For this reason, the company has decided to create an Environmental Management System in compliance with international regulations, developing a voluntary territorial protocol for environmental, economic and social sustainability of the production process.
It is in this unparalleled context that wines of unforgettable fabric are born, complex and elegant, capable of telling the best of a whole region, Umbria.

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