The world of wine in 2014? The trends identified by The Drinks Business ( wines to discover, new generations, natural wines, new communication about Wine

From Great Britain, The Drinks Business prophesied 2014 in the wine world. Many are the insights.

1. To discover new wines

Across the Channel they want to be fascinated by so far not very known territories and wines: from Campania and Basilicata in Italy, to Bierzo in Spain. Other areas, other journeys with a glass in hand are toward Hungary, Portugal, as well as Turkey and China.

2. Millenials: the future is in the hands of very young people

In England there is a lot of confidence for the generation of the Millenials as influencers and trend setters, who run on innovative socio–cultural references in the world of wine.

3. The global consumption changes

Supply and demand will be in equilibrium and there will be no shortage of wine without affecting the average price and therefore the income of producers.

4 Natural Wine? Sustainability is booming

The movement of natural wines dominates the scene and sustainability will be the main topic from the vineyard to the table.

5. Wonder Chardonnay

In 2014 Chardonnay will be rediscovered at the expense of Pinot Grigio. Particularly interesting will be the terroirs of California, South Africa, New World, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand.

6. Communication in the world of wine

Wine will run chasing the continuous revolutions in communication.

7. The fall of the “Wall of Wine”

The fall of the wall: the fall of barriers that make consumers perceive wine too complex and not approachable.

8. China slows

China will slow down consumption but the market keeps incredible growth trends.

9. The problems

Bureaucracy and Legislation will be the big worries of 2014 at the mercy of pro health lobbies, business needs and additional taxes on wine.

10. Tasting of wines from the organised large–scale retail chain at the Restaurant and Restaurants that think about consumption at home

Boundaries between the on–trade and off–trade sales will be increasingly blurred: tastings at the supermarket will become more similar to those at the restaurant, and restaurateurs will think to make their customers enjoy the tasting of wine within the walls of their home.